Inalco University

Over the centuries, Inalco has become a unique world institution, teaching languages from Central Europe to Africa and from Asia to America via Oceania. There is no other institution in the world that offers such a diversity of courses or wealth of opportunities and knowledge in one place.
Statue d'Antoine-Isaac Silvestre de Sacy située dans la cour du bâtiment historique de l'Inalco

Our Institute and Policy

Reach out to the world

Inalco began teaching languages and culture studies in 1795. Ever since, the Institute has cultivated its role in understanding a living heritage outside of any Western references.

A hundred languages and cultures

Over the centuries, Inalco has become an institution of unrivaled scope, teaching languages that span Central Europe, Africa, Asia, America, and Oceania.

A rich history

Inalco’s expertise in the diverse languages of Asia and the Middle East was forged over a rich 345-year history, from Colbert’s trade ambitions under the Ancien Régime to the global challenges of the third millennium.

Specialized, productive research

Research at Inalco combines area studies and academic disciplines. Today, our 15 research units have about 570 active members, including 270 tenured academics and 300 doctoral students.

Inalco in France and around the world

Thanks to over 200 partnership agreements, Inalco conducts research projects in over one hundred countries and offers joint programs with foreign universities.

Strategic Plan

Five-year contract 2014-2018: the President and senior administration develop the strategic plan with guidance from the main boards and committees and from ad hoc working groups.

Inalco in figures

More than three centuries of experience make for a strong tradition and expertise. Over the years, the Ecole des langues orientales, which became Inalco in 1971, has become an institution of unrivaled scope, teaching over a hundred languages and cultures.

Inalco Langues O’ Foundation

The preservation, study, transmission, development, and interaction of languages and cultures are Inalco’s core concerns. Our foundation leads projects that make the most of Inalco’s expertise in education, research, and advancing knowledge and skills in a globalized world.