Inalco in figures

More than three centuries of experience have founded a tradition and created wide-ranging expertise at l'Ecole des langues orientales, which became Inalco in 1971. Since then it has become a unique world institution with some 100 languages and civilisations being taught. No institution, in any other country offers such a diversity of courses or wealth of opportunities and knowledge in one place
Salle de cours pendant le campus LETFIS 2015

• 9 272 registered in 2016/2017
• 131 foreign nationalities in 2016/2017
• 1997 students of foreign origin (24%)
• 67.3% women, 32.7% men.
• Average age of students: 29 years

• 235 full-time lecturers
• 121 contractual lecturers
• 102 full-time administrative and technical staff
• 65  contractual administrative and technical staff

Research and scientific events
• 15 research teams, including 5 in association with the CNRS
• A doctoral school with 308 PhD students
• More than 100 international scientific events per year
• More than 100 cultural events per year
• Partnered with 5 festivals
• 20 student associations

Inalco is composed of:
• 12 departments: Africa and the Indian Ocean, South Asia and the Himalayas, South-East Asia and the Pacific, Arab Studies, Chinese Studies, Korean Studies, Jewish and Hebrew Studies, Japanese Studies, Russian Studies, Eurasia, Europe, and Languages ​​and Cultures of the Americas
• 5 professional fields: International Commerce, International Relations, Intercultural Communication and Training, Didactics, Multilingual Text Informatics

The budget of the Institute is more than 11 million euros (in 2014).