Inalc'ER Program - Refugee Students


The objective of the Inalc'ER program is to offer French language training to refugee or asylum-seeking students wanting to enroll in one of our degree programs at the beginning of the 2019 academic year (bachelor's in foreign and regional languages, literature and cultures -  LLCER). Since our undergraduate courses—in particular the cultural studies courses—are taught partly in French, the program allows students to improve their level of French over a preparatory semester, while also using their native language in some courses.

Who is eligible? When does the program start? What opportunities does the program lead to?

Target participants: Refugee or asylum-seeking students.
Academic level required: School leaving qualification (equivalent of the baccalauréat)
Level of French required: B1 level of the CECRL (with proof if possible)
Level of English required: A2 A2 level of the CECRL  (with proof if possible) 

If you’re not sure of your level in French, you can try this online test:
If you’re not sure of your level in English, you can try this online test:

The program will accept ten refugee or asylum-seeking students. It starts in January 2019 and will last three semesters of thirteen weeks each. Courses are intensive from January to May 2019 (in the preparatory program) and students must be able to commit to attending over this period (you can view the calendar here).

Following the first semester of the course, students who have met various requirements (level of French and attendance) will be able to join one of our regional bachelor’s programs in September 2019. This will give them the opportunity to specialize and earn a degree in one of the languages and cultures taught at Inalco, and/or to apply for the second year of one of our professionally-focused programs (international business, intercultural communication, language teaching, international relations, multilingual natural language processing). They can then go on to graduate study in one of our six master’s concentrations.

To give you a clearer idea of what the Inalc’ER program involves, there are links at the bottom of this page (in the blue rectangle) to interviews with participating students and with people involved in running the program.

Please note: there are other university programs available for refugees. Information can be found on the Resome website. You can also go in person to the help desk that’s open every Saturday from 10am to 1pm at the Maison des Initiatives Étudiantes (MIE) 50 rue des Tournelles, 75003, Chemin vert or Bastille metro station.

How is the program organized?

January to May 2019:
  •     9 hours of French classes per week
  •     3 to 4 hours of classes in the course related to the student’s native language
  •     3 1/2 hours of conversation exchanges and writing workshops 
September 2019 to June 2020:
  •     Enrolment in the first year of one of Inalco’s Language and Culture bachelor’s programs
  •     6 hours of French tutoring

How do I apply?

Phase 1 : Applications (from Tuesday, Nov. 7 to Wednesday, Dec. 5, 2018):

                                              You have two possibilities:

1- Fill out the form online and send the supporting documents by email to:


2- Download the form, print it, complete it and send it—with supporting documents—by post to:

Direction des relations internationales
Jean-Philippe Thammabouth
65 rue des grands moulins
75013 Paris

Required documents:
  • A résumé in French
  • A cover letter written in French
  • Copy of an identity document (refugee card or residence card or receipt of a refugee status application, etc.)
Documents to provide if possible:
  • Results of a test or a diploma in French as a foreign language (TCF, TEF, DELF, or other)
  • School leaving qualification (official translation in French or English)
  • Higher education qualification and/or transcript (official translation in French or English)
  • Highest degree earned abroad (official translation in French or English)
DEADLINE FOR SENDING APPLICATIONS: 4pm Wednesday, December 5, 2018 (postmark deadline)

Phase 2 (Dec. 17 to 20, 2018): Candidates receive pre-selection results by email
  • If your application has been unsuccessful at this stage, the process ends here.
  • If your application has been accepted at this stage, you will be invited to interview.

Phase 3 (January 8 to 9, 2019): Candidates are interviewed, then notified whether or not they have been admitted to the Inalc’ER program.

Phase 4 : Administrative and course enrollment.
  • First, you must attend a meeting where you will take a French test (on a computer). This will determine which French courses you need to take. This meeting is compulsory. It will be held between January 14 and 16 and will last half a day.
  • You will then have to complete administrative enrollment, i.e., enroll at Inalco. Details will be provided during the meeting.
  • Next, you will need to complete course enrollment, i.e., sign up for the courses you want to take at Inalco. Details will be provided during the meeting.

Phase 5 : Classes start on Monday, January 28, 2019

PLEASE NOTE: enrollment in the Inalc’ER program does not entitle you to student status before you enroll in a bachelor’s program in September 2019

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