Academic Board

The Academic Board advises the Board of Trustees on research policy orientations. It is consulted on academic job titles, on the strategic plan, and on applications for accreditation. The Academic Board is chaired by the Inalco President and the Academic Vice-President. In addition to the President and the Director of BULAC, it comprises a maximum of 40 members, including six doctoral students.
Conseil scientifique
The Academic Board is an advisory body. In accordance with relevant legislation (Article 20 of the Decree of May 14, 1990), the Board proposes policy guidelines to the Board of Trustees concerning research, the research library and multimedia resources, and the distribution of research funds.

It approves the creation of research units, defines their statutes and organizes research evaluation. It facilitates the link between teaching and research, particularly at doctorate level. It is consulted on the reassignment of vacant academic positions and the creation of teaching jobs.

In accordance with relevant legislation, it advises on:
  • contracts or agreements being considered by the President when these contracts concern research activities or knowledge transfer;
  • research programs
  • the possibility of joint research or PhD supervision with other institutions;
  • applications for accreditation to award new national degrees or to cease awarding others;
  • projects to create diplomas and certificates;
  • the strategic plan
  • the recruitment of adjunct faculty;
  • requests for reassignment. 

In accordance with relevant legislation (order of May 25, 2016 establishing the national doctoral degree framework and the procedures leading to the award of the national doctoral degree), it is informed each year:
  • of the list of graduate students with doctoral contracts and other types of funding
  • of the list of graduate students with special dispensation (enrolling in their fourth year or more) 

A sub-committee of members authorized to supervise research (habilité à diriger des recherches, HDR) proposes:
  • candidates for authorization to supervise research (HDR)
  • research leave and changes in research area requested by faculty
  • professors for emeritus status

Composition of the Academic Board

College A of faculty

  • BAUMGARDT Ursula
  • BOISSERIE Etienne
  • BORNES-VAROL Marie-Christine
  • BOTTINEAU Tatiana
  • NAVEAU Etienne
  • PRSTOJEVIC Aleksandar
  • SAMUEL Jérôme
  • SZENDE Thomas
  • THIBON Jean-Jacques
  • VASSILAKI Sophie

College B of faculty

  • ALAO Georges
  • ANTONOV Anton
  • BUTEL Jean-Michel
  • DAO Huy Linh
  • DE CHIARA Matteo
  • GADJEVA Snejana
  • JEONG Eun-Jin
  • MARCHINA Charlotte
  • MARTINEAU Jean-Luc
  • MUHIDINE Timour

College of external members

  • AVRAMOUSSIS Madeleine
  • BONAMI Olivier
  • FOULON Brigitte
  • GUICHARD Benjamin
  • LEBLIC Isabelle
  • PELLARD Thomas

College of doctoral students

  •  DUMAN Delphine
  •  PAVONE Marta
  •  VAN KAMPEN Nina

Ex officio members

  • President
  • Director of the University Library for Languages and Cultures, BULAC