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Master’s course: Linguistic diversity: language, text, society
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The Master’s course Linguistic diversity: language, text, society focuses on linguistic diversity from the perspective of language typology, corpus linguistics and discourse analysis, sociolinguistics, and language acquisition. It combines the respective strengths of the universities Sorbonne Nouvelle and INALCO for a well-rounded Master’s degree in linguistics which offers both a comprehensive training in linguistics and – in the 2nd year – a specialization in one field of expertise.

Programme and organisation – This is a two-year programme. Students have to choose one of the four following sub-courses when entering their 2nd year:
(1) Language typology asks the fundamental question about the unity and diversity of human language. Students will learn about the description, analysis and modelling of morphological and syntactic phenomena while taking into account linguistic variation from a diachronic, dialectal and typological perspective.
(2) Corpus linguistics and discourse analysis studies the relationship between grammar and discourse. Languages can be analysed from the perspective of text linguistics and discourse analysis using text corpora, or grammar modelling can be complemented with text linguistics and discourse analysis using both written and oral text corpora in a wide range of languages.
(3) Sociolinguistics explores the links between society and language practices, in particular the analysis of multilingual contexts, questions of language policy, variation/standardization, language transmission and the interactional organisation of practices in an informal or institutional context.
(4) In psycholinguistics, students can specialize in language acquisition or speech pathology. Special attention is given to language development in early childhood, bilingualism and multilingualism, and to oral and written language pathologies in children and adults.

Admission – Students willing to enrol in Inalco's Master’s course have to apply on a dedicated website ECANDIDAT. Inalco only admits students whose research deals with a language spoken outside Western Europe (Link to the list of languages taught and studied at Inalco). Both universities require a good command of French.


Contact informations

Direction de la scolarité (DIS)

    • Jessica MAUVIERES
    • Secrétaire pédagogique
    • 01 81 70 11 36
    • Office 3.25A
65 rue des Grands Moulins
75013 Paris

Dates à retenir - Master

Date limite des soutenances de mémoire

1ère session
M1 et  M2 :

au plus tard le 08/07/2022

M2 recherche (en vue d'une inscription à l'Ecole doctorale) :
au plus tard le 24/06/2022
2ème session
M1 et M2 :

au plus tard le 09/09/2022