Kyung LEE


  • Complete a doctorate(Korean Education), Kyunghee University, Korea

  • Master's degree(Korean Education), Kyunghee University, Korea

  • Bachelor's degree(Korean Education & Chinese language), Kyunghee University, Korea

Teaching Experiences

  • 2018, NSLI-Y Precollege program, Korea
  • 2017, Samsung Electro-Mechanics, International Park Language School, Korea
  • 2017, NSLI-Y Precollege program, Korea
  • 2015, EK Teacher (Institute of Korean Teacher E-Learning in Lifelong Education), Korea. Professor for Subject Operation
  • 2014-2018, Institute of Language Education of Kyunghee University, Korea
  • 2014, Department of Korean Language of Kyunghee University, Korea. ‘The lecture of Colloquial Language’ & ‘Discourse and Text’
  • 2013, Institute of Language Education of Suwon University
  • 2013, Institute of Language Education of Korea University of Technology and Education, Korea
  • 2010-2018, Samsung Electronics Multi campus, Korea
  • 2008-2012, Institute of Language Education of Kyunghee University, Korea
  • 2007, Institute of Language Education of Hangaram, Shanghai, China


  • A study of Chinese Learners’ Pronunciation of Korean Monophthongs of /ㅓ/ and /ㅗ/
  • A study of Tensification in Korean


  • A study of Chinese learners' pronunciation of Korean Monophthongs based on Experimental Phonetics, Focused on /ㅗ/ and /ㅓ/
  • A study on the teaching method of the conditions of /ㅓ/ and /ㅗ/ pronunciation in Korean language designed for Chinese students
  • Analysis of trends in Korean education for Academic purposes and further research direction suggestions
  • Korean language textbook for Multi-cultural families (The National Institute of the Korean Language)

Maître de Langue

  • Discipline : Grammaire, Langue
  • Domaines de recherche : prononciation