About Mass Media, Consumerism and National Identity in Postwar Japan

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Vendredi 4 octobre 2019 - 10:00 - 12:00
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Inalco, PLC (65, rue des Grands Moulins), Salle 3.15
Conférence donnée par M.Martyn David Smith, Université de Sheffield, (en anglais) et suivi d’une discussion.

Résumé : "In this talk I will discuss my latest book Mass Media, Consumerism and National Identity in Postwar Japan. The print media in the 1950s and 1960s expanded the possibilities for social, individual and national identities in Japan. The growth in the market for weekly magazines was fuelled by the huge potential for advertising revenue, the rapid development of the Japanese economy, and the necessity for the growth of a consumer society. This resulted in the merging of national identity with individual subjectivity (national subjectivity), as the Japanese media promoted consumption to aid the recovery of the Japanese nation as a whole. I will discuss how the relationship between nationalism and everyday life in the media created a subjectivity that helps us to shift the focus away from top-down accounts of the re-emergence of nationalism in postwar Japan. I will also discuss the example of Heibon Punch-the first men's magazine in Japan-to highlight the intersection of consumerism, identity, media and national economic growth."

Organisée avec le soutien du Meiji Jingû.
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