Brawn drain from Cambodia: a comparative analysis of labour migration in Malaysia and South Korea

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Lundi 18 novembre 2019 - 18:00 - 20:00
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Inalco, PLC (65, rue des Grands Moulins), Salle 5.21
Conférence-débat avec M.Sok Serey, Royal University of Phnom Penh, organisée dans le cadre du projet «Migrations en Asie, migrations de l’Asie».
Discutante : Kim Hui-Yeon, Inalco, IFRAE
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In Cambodia, labour migration is a new phenomenon; but it becomes increasingly important for researchers and policy makers to take into its serious account. In this presentation, I analyze how labour migration from Cambodia in Malaysia and South Korea by taking a close look upon: brain drawn from Cambodia in Malaysia and South Korea, maximization of family income by moving to work in Malaysia and South Korea minimize household risks through sending remittance and key factors influencing satisfaction of working condition. The study reveals that (1) Labour migration helps to maximize incomes and minimize risks of their households through sending remittance. (2) The households were jointly decided if its members were sent to work overseas especially to South Korea due to high investment on a cost of preparation. (3) Almost all of Cambodian workers changed to new types of jobs when they moved to work Malaysia and South Korea. (4) Remittance becomes a main source of household income in Cambodia. Almost of workers in South Korea sent remittance back home, but 27.9% of them in in Malaysia could not afford. (5) Factors influencing the degree of job satisfaction of workers include opportunity to be promoted, overtime, hygiene, insurance, communication with other Cambodians and working style.
Key words: brain drain, labour migration, low skilled work, South Korea, Malaysia and Cambodia


Sok Serey is Deputy Head at Research Office of the Royal University of Phnom Penh. Internationally, he has been appointed as a Lancang-Mekong Young Scholar at Fundan University and Guangxi University of Finance and Economics, a Senior Visiting Fellow or Associate Professor at Academy of Korea Studies, South Korea and a Visiting Scholar or Assistant Professor at University of Washington, USA. Also, he is a Visiting Scholar at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA, the University Technology Malaysia (UTM), Malaysia and the Central European University (CEU), Hungary. Serey completed his PhD in human geography at Hong Kong Baptist University (Hong Kong) in 2013 and MSC in regional and rural development at Asian Institute of Technology (Thailand) in 2005. Since 1999 Serey has worked with various national and international organizations, including Women Development Association (Cambodia), UN Refugee Agency, UN-ESCAP Building (Bangkok) and National AIDS Authority under UNIADS Project (Cambodia). Serey is an active academic researcher; his academic papers have been published in international peer-reviewed manuscripts: International Journal of Water Resources Development, Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography, Forum for Development Studies, Journal of Asian Public Policy, Journal of Development and Migration, World Development Prospective,  Lakes & Reservoirs: Research & Management, Advances in Global Change Research, Journal of AIDS and HIV Research, Nova Science Publishers, SEPHIS e-magazine and LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing.
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