Conférence du CEIB : Colossal Buddha Statues in China, Past and Present

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Vendredi 24 juin 2022 - 15:00 - 17:00
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Inalco, Maison de la recherche (2, rue de Lille - 75007 Paris) - Salon Borel

Printemps du CEIB 2022

Conférence du Centre d'études interdisciplinaires sur le bouddhisme (CEIB)

donnée par Dorothy C. Wong, University of Virginia, spécialiste de l'art bouddhique de la Chine médiévale

Discutante : Lia Wei, Inalco, maître de conférences en en histoire des arts de la Chine
Statue colossale de Bouddha

Colossal Buddha Statues in China, Past and Present

Beginning in the northwestern region of India, and spreading through Central Asia and the rest of Asia along the Silk Road, the making of colossal Buddha statues has been a major theme in Buddhist art. The colossal Buddha statues predominantly feature Śākyamuni (the Historical Buddha), Maitreya (the Future Buddha), and Vairocana (the Transcendant Buddha), and they were fashioned out of religious devotion and frequently in conjunction with notions of Buddhist kingship. This paper examines the religious, social and political circumstances under which these colossal statues were made, primarily focusing on examples in China made during the first millennium CE. Beginning in the 1990s, there was a revival of making colossal Buddha statues across China and elsewhere. The second part of the paper attempts to address the contemporary phenomenon in China in relation to issues surrounding cultural heritage, religious and cultural identity, ownership, commodification, pilgrimage, and tourism.
Dorothy C. Wong is currently Professor of Art History at the University of Virginia. Specializing in Buddhist art of China during the first millennium CE, her research addresses topics of art in relation to religion and society, and of the relationship between religious texts/doctrine and visual representations. In addition to many articles, she has published Chinese Steles: Pre-Buddhist and Buddhist Use of a Symbolic Form (2004; Chinese edition 2011), Hōryūji Reconsidered (editor and contributing author, 2008) China and Beyond in the Medieaval Period: Cultural Crossings and Inter-regional Connections (co-editor with Gustav Heldt, and contributing author, 2014), Buddhist Pilgrim-Monks as Agents of Cultural and Artistic Transmission: The International Buddhist Art Style in East Asia, ca. 645–770 (2018; Chinese edition forthcoming), and Miraculous Images in Asian Traditions, vol. 50 of Ars Orientalis (editor and contributing author, 2020). She just completed editing a volume entitled Interregional Exchange in East Asian Buddhist Art, 5th–13th Century (forthcoming). Currently she is working together with about two dozen international scholars researching the topic of “miraculous images” in global perspectives, trying to understand what “miracles” mean in different cultures and how and when people ascribe material objects with spiritual agency.
Dorothy C. Wong
Dorothy C. Wong

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