Conférence « Erotic Imaginings of Tibetan Monks in Japanese Manga »

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Lundi 7 novembre 2022 - 18:30 - 20:00
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Inalco - Pôle des langues et civilisations (65 rue des Grands Moulins), salle 3.05

Men have historically dominated the artistic production of cultural exotifications in Japan. This article flips the script by analyzing how two prominent female Japanese manga artists—Kuranishi and Shinsan Nameko—illustrate Tibetan men, specifically Tibetan Buddhist monks, as embodiments of erotic potentiality. Through textual analysis and fieldwork conducted from 2019-21, we show how their manga depictions of Tibetan men and monks tend towards eroticization and sexual innuendo. This discursive and aesthetic trend in manga parallels ethnographic data on how Japanese women—facing unprecedented social precarity, seeking spiritual healing and self-transformation, and desiring alternate masculinities—look elsewhere, outside of Japan and the perceived inadequacies of gendered Japanese society. We explore how liberative erotics, especially homoeroticism and love of and between boys, fuses with Buddhist and alternative spiritualities in yaoi and shōnen-ai genres and gestures towards a changing landscape of female desire.


  • Gabrielle Laumonier est une doctorante en études japonaises à l’IFRAE.
  • Stephen Christopher a été post-doctorant JSPS à l’université de Kyoto (2019) et est actuellement post-doctorant MarieCurie à l’université de Copenhague. Il prépare un ouvrage sur les soutiens japonais à la cause tibétaine. 

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