International Uyghur Studies 2021 : Producing and Transmitting Uyghur Cultural Artefacts

Dates :
Jeudi 4 novembre 2021 - 14:00 - 19:30
Lieu :
Day 1 (4/11/2021) : Inalco – Auditorium des Pôle des Langues et Civilisations de l'Inalco (65, rue des Grands Moulins – 75013 Paris) - Day 2 (5/11/2021) : EHESS, 2 Cr des Humanités, 93300 Aubervilliers
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Links and venues will be sent by email to participants who registered at least 48h before the beginning of the conference.


This two-day (hybrid) conference brings together a diverse group of individuals, academics, teachers, translators and artists, whose work focuses on Uyghur people, their history, language, cultural productions, and society.
The questions we would like to discuss include: What is at stake in the production and transmission of Uyghur cultural artefacts ? How does the growth of scientific literature based on Uyghur sources impact our (mis)conceptions regarding the region’s history, its people, their language, cultural practices, and society ? What are the different perspectives brought forward by contemporary Uyghur artists, filmmakers, writers, musicians, and poets on what is happening in their homeland ?

Une charette contre un mur parmi les ruines


Day 1 : november 4th 2021
Inalco, Auditorium, 65 rue des Grands Moulins, Paris 13ème

14:00-14:30: Welcome remarks 
Session 1: Transmitting, teaching, and training in Uyghur language and civilisation.
Chair: Alexandre Toumarkine (INALCO – CERMOM - CETOBaC)
14:00-14:20 : - Welcoming participants and registration
14:20- 14:40 : Welcome remarks
14:40-15:25 : (including Q&A): Keynote speaker 1: Jo Smith Finley, Newcastle University - ‘Some People are More Alike Than Others’: Inter-generational Cultural Transmission and Uyghur Identity in an Age of Erasure
15:25-15:45 : Muyesser Abdul’ehed Hendan, Independent Uyghur language teacher (online) - Role of Teaching Uyghur Language in Shaping Cultural Identity of Children of Uyghur Diaspora 

15:45-16:00 : Break
16:00-16:20 : Eric Schluessel, The George Washington University (online) – Teaching Uyghur History: Challenges in Decolonial Pedagogy
16:20-16:40 : Sam Tynen, Czech Academy of Science – Loving and Hiding with Nowhere to Go: Navigating Heteronormative Control for Uyghurs in Xinjiang
16:40-17:10 : Discussion and Q&A

17:10-17:20 : Break

17:20-17:50 : Closed Session on Craft-making in Kashgar

17:50-18:00 : Break

18:00-18:45 : (including Q&A): Keynote speaker 2: Joshua Freeman, Princeton University - East Asian Studies (online) – Uyghur Diaspora Poets and the Xinjiang Crisis 

18:45-19:30 : Concert

19:30-20:30 : Uyghur dinner for all on location

Day  2 : november 5th 2021
EHESS, 2 Cr des Humanités, 93300 Aubervilliers

Session 2 : Facing Contemporary Challenges through Uyghur Poetry, Songs and Films
Chair : Stéphane Dudoignon (CNRS – UMR 8582 GSRL)
15:00-15:20 : Mukaddas Mijit, ULB/EASt – Art in Times of Crisis: The Challenge of Anonymous Uyghur Creativity
15:20-15:40 : Timothy Grose, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology – Sonic Ziyarät : Mapping the Uyghur Wätän through Song
15:40-16:00 : Nimrod Baranovitch, The University of Haifa (online) – 'Farewell My Uyghur Language': Linguistic Anxiety and Resistance in Uyghur Poetry and Songs, 1990s-2010s
16:00-16:45 : Discussion and Q&A

16:45-17:00 : Break

17:00-17:45 : (including Q&A) Keynote speaker 3 : Darren Byler, Simon Fraser University (online) – Creating Uyghur Futures: Fiction and Memoir as Decolonial Method 

17:45-18:00 : Break
18:00-19:30 : Closed film screening (short film) and discussion with the filmmaker 

19:30-21:30 : Uyghur dinner for speakers

Organizing institutions:
École des hautes études en sciences sociales (EHESS); Institut national des  langues et civilisations orientales (Inalco); Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB); European Uyghur Institute (IODE). 

Dilnur Reyhan (Inalco - IODE) and Vanessa Frangville (ULB/EASt - IODE)
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  • Colloques et journées d'étude
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