Pratiques langagières - Séminaire doctoral animé par Isabelle Léglise et Valelia Muni Toke

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Vendredi 22 mars 2019 - 14:00 - 17:00
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Campus CNRS Villejuif -Bât.D - S. 511

Martha Sif Karrebæk (University of Copenhagen)
Interpreting encounters: Sociolinguistic perspectives on communicative challenges in the Danish public sector

 Contemporary societies are overwhelmingly characterized by various types of linguistic and cultural diversity. One of the consequences of such societal complexity is an increasing need for interpreting in institutional encounters. In Denmark interpreting in the public sector has recently received considerable attention, not the least because of the significant costs it represents, and from an academic perspective, the social encounters in which interpreting services are used provide a window into important social and linguistic processes today. Interpreting encounters are therefore vital to explore for the socially engaged science of language, namely sociolinguistics. Until today, research on interpreting encounters in Denmark has been limited, and mainly building on outdated data, interviews, or experimental settings (Galal & Galal 1999, Dubslaff & Martinsen 2007, Christensen 2008, Jacobsen 2010, Itani et al. 2014). I will present a project that just received funding – INTERPRETING - which will fill this knowledge gap and compare the Danish situation to the international literature.
INTERPRETING explores the interpreting encounter from the perspective of a sociolinguistics of globalization (Coupland 2003, Blommaert 2010) where social and linguistic diversity is taken as an ordinary condition of communication. This means that rather than issues of translation accuracy and interpreters’ alleged insufficient language competences, which are currently high on the national political agenda, INTERPRETING will offer a comprehensive understanding of language use, language ideologies and meaning-making in situations with an unequal distribution of linguistic resources, knowledge, and power, and with potentially significant consequences for (at least one of) the participants.
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