Séminaire mensuel « Sociétés, politiques et cultures du monde iranien » (2020-2021)

Dates :
Lundi 12 octobre 2020 - 17:00 - 19:00
Lieu :
Inalco, Maison de la recherche (2, rue de Lille), Auditorium

1ère séance du séminaire mensuel « Sociétés, politiques et cultures du monde iranien » (2020-2021) du CeRMI - Centre de recherche sur le monde iranien (Inalco - Cnrs -  Sorbonne Nouvelle - EPHE)

OrganisateursAmr Ahmed (Inalco), Samra Azarnouche (EPHE), Pollet Samvelian (Sorbonne nouvelle – Paris 3), Sandra Aube (CNRS)

Mosquée de Borujerd (Iran)
Mosquée de Borujerd (Iran) ; crédit : Lorenz Korn

Construction and Architectural Design in Iran During the Saljuq Period. The Example of the Great Mosque of Borujerd

par Lorenz Korn (professeur, Otto-Friedrich Universität Bamberg)

 The introduction of the monumental dome chamber during the Saljuq period (11th-13th cent.) in Iran was a major step in the development of mosque architecture. The brick constructions are apparently well thought-out and testify to the ability of their builders in planning. However, principles that guided the design as well as the practice of construction are still open to research. In particular, it can be asked in which way the elevation of a dome chamber was designed, and how the height of the dome and of wall sections below were determined. Did the builders have certain proportions in mind? Recent publications seem to support this view, suggesting that applied geometry, which had made significant progress at the time, played a major role in the design of these buildings. The exact documentation of Saljuq dome chambers with 3D laser scanning permits to test statements on measures on individual examples. In the mosque of Borujerd (1139-45 CE), exactly measured sections of the dome hall give hints, but no conclusive evidence on proportioning in the design process. The variety of solutions for the design of walls, arcades and squinches suggests that the appearance of the Saljuq dome chambers depends much more on the interplay between the architectural elements on the surface than on fixed proportions.

Lundi 12 octobre 2020, 17-19h - Auditorium de la Maison de la recherche (2, rue de Lille, Paris 7ème)​​

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Mosquée de Borujerd (Iran)
Mosquée de Borujerd (Iran) ; crédit : Lorenz Korn

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