The US Founders and Confucianism

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Lundi 16 mai 2022 - 18:00 - 20:00
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China and the Founding of the United States: The Influence of Traditional Chinese Civilization

The US Founders and Confucianism

par Dave Wang, manager of Laureton branch (Queens Library); adjunt prof. at St. Johns university

America’s Founding Fathers modeled efforts towards the self-cultivation of personal virtue. The Founders frequently drew from Confucian philosophies and incorporating those into a new political framework for the young nation. Prominent colonists -Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Thomas Paine, John Bartram, and Jedidiah Morse, among othersdemonstrated their respect for Confucian moral philosophy, incorporating its principles into a new and uniquely American political culture. Jefferson, who himself had drawn comparisons to Confucius, regarded the philosopher’s example of the “Chinese Prince” to be an ideal example for him to follow. Thomas Paine regarded Confucius -along with Jesus Christ and the Greek philosophers -as the world’s greatest moral teachers. James Madison, father of the US Constitution, hung a portrait of Confucius at his home. Through the founders’ efforts, some positive elements of Confucianism were weaved into the fiber of the new nation and therefore, helped laying foundation of the United States.

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