Cipango - French Journal of Japanese Studies

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Cipango – French Journal of Japanese Studies. English Selection is an online journal based on the French journal of Japanese Studies Cipango. Published by the Centre for Japanese Studies of the French National Institute for Oriental Languages and Civilisations (Inalco, Paris), starting in 2012, it offers a thematic selection of the best articles released in its French counterpart. Whenever possible, papers have been checked, updated and adapted by the authors for an English readership. Therefore it is not merely a translation of the French Cipango, but an original editorial project that aims to provide the international research community with new resources and analyses on Japan.

Founded in 1992, Cipango is the oldest academic journal in French exclusively devoted to Japanese studies. It welcomes articles in French by France-based researchers, as well as contributions from specialists based in other countries. Being a multidisciplinary journal in the field of humanities and social sciences (history, ethnology, geography, economics, linguistics, literature, arts, film…), Cipango focuses not only on in-depth studies using mostly original Japanese sources, but also offers translations (scientific and literary texts, historical documents) and, to a lesser extent, essays and first-person accounts.

Estelle Bauer, director of the Ifrae, Inalco

International Scientific Committee
Olivier Ansart (Univ. of Sydney), Lionel Babicz (Univ. of Sydney), Bernard Bernier (Univ. de Montréal), Augustin Berque (CNRS / EHESS), Steve Dodd (SOAS), Bernard Faure (Univ. of Columbia), Harald Fuess (EAJS / Univ. Heidelberg), Carol Gluck (Univ. of Columbia), Komine Kazuaki (Univ. Rikkyô), Hermann Ooms (UCLA), Jean-Noël Robert (EPHE), Alain Rocher (EPHE), Cécile Sakai (Univ. Paris Diderot), Pierre Souyri (Univ. de Genève), Tan.o Yasunori (Univ. Waseda), Dimitri Vanoverbeke (Univ. de Louvain).

Editorial Office
Fujiwara Dan

Editorial Team
Christian Galan, Emmanuel Lozerand, Michael Lucken, Christophe Marquet, Arnaud Nanta, Sumie Terada, Michel Vieillard-Baron.

Reading Committee
Anne Bouchy, Claire Akiko-Brisset, Guillaume Carré, Pascal Griolet, Laurence Labrune, Sébastien Lechevalier, Estelle Leggeri-Bauer, François Macé, Nicolas Mollard, Saito Takako, Rémi Scoccimarro, Eric Seizelet, Daniel Struve, Bernard Thomann, Makiko Ueda-Andro.

Karen Grimwade