Intensive Summer School of Arabic Dialects & Modern Standard Arabic

Summer school - Arabic dialects

Boost your spoken Arabic!

If you are planning to live or to do research in an Arab country, if you want to grasp what people are saying and to make yourself understood, you need to speak the national or the local dialect, come at Inalco and boost your spoken Arabic (Moroccan, Algerian, Libyan or Egyptian). Enhance as well your level of standard Arabic.

Come at Inalco and enjoy a life-changing experience!

Inalco, the university of world languages, has a two-century experience in teaching over a hundred languages as well as social sciences. 
Our professional instructors will accompany you throughout your journey and help you develop all language skills.
Paris is a historical and vibrant center of Maghreb culture with a large Arabic-speaking community.

Practical information

From June 6th to July 13rd 2022

  • 6 weeks course – 140 hours
  • 25 contact hours a week 
  • 2 hours of Modern standard Arabic + 3 hours of a specific dialect
  • 12 students per class maximum
Instruction in the following dialects is available:
Moroccan • Algerian • Libyan • Egyptian

The Inalco Campus is located in central Paris, in the 13th arrondissement

  • Assistance in finding accommodation is available
  • Cultural activities and conferences are included


  • Students: 4 500 € for six weeks
  • Professionals: 5 400 € for six weeks
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