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For more than two centuries, Inalco has been dedicated to building a bridge between languages and cultures—in short, to being international. The Institute currently teaches 96 languages and cultures, has students and faculty of more than 120 nationalities, and conducts research projects in more than 100 countries. The main mission of Inalco’s Office of International Affairs is to develop cooperation with foreign universities. This involves both maintaining and expanding a global network of contacts and institutionalizing relations with our partners.

Given Inalco’s curricula, our international engagement aims first and foremost to offer Inalco students an immersion experience to complement their studies. We now have partnerships that cover all the geographic areas concerned by our courses and which allow students to spend time abroad as part of joint programs or research programs. Our international networking also aims to support teaching and research cooperation that enhances our faculty’s activities.

Through the Erasmus program, Inalco has developed student and faculty exchanges with the main European centers traditionally described as “orientalist” (African and Asian studies), in particular with the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, the Baltic States and Turkey, whose languages and cultures are also taught at Inalco. Thanks to European programs such as Erasmus Mundus and the support of the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie, Inalco has also been able to strengthen its links with South-East Asia, Central Asia, Korea, the Arab countries, China, and Japan.

Today, Inalco’s international policy focuses on developing three areas:
  1. distance learning, in particular by video-conference
  2. joint programs such as dual degrees
  3. intensive European summer courses
Inalco’s involvement in the projects of the Sorbonne Paris Cité consortium, including the opening of four foreign branches in highly international universities in Singapore, São Paulo, Buenos-Ayres and Berlin, opens up new prospects for our international reach.


Members of INALCO's International Relations Team

  • Vice-President for International Affairs: Prof. Gilles FORLOT
  • Director of International Affairs: Mr Jules LECONTE

International students coming to Inalco


- Non-European Exchange Students

- Free-Movers Students

- Accommodation for International Students

- European Exchange Students

Inalco students going abroad


- Departments:
  • Africa and the Indian Ocean
  • South Asia and the Himalayas
  • Korean Studies
  • Chinese Studies
  • Russian Studies
  • Languages and Cultures of the Americas
  • Southeast Asia and the Pacific
  • Arabic Studies
  • Japonese Studies
  • Hebrew and Jewish Studies
  • Eurasia
  • Europe (Excluding countries covered by the Erasmus+ program)
- Programs:
  • CUPA
- Financial aid for non-Erasmus mobilities



Department of Africa and the Indian Ocean Mr. George ALAO 
Department of South Asia and the Himalayas Mr. Harit JOSHI
Department of South-East Asia and the Pacific Mr. Huy Linh DAO
Department of Arabic Studies Ms. Rima SLEIMAN
Department of Chinese Studies Mme Xinyue YU
Department of Korean Studies Ms. Hui-yeon KIM
Department of Hebrew and Jewish Studies Ms. Il-Il YATZIV-MALIBERT
Department of Japanese Studies M. Benjamin GIROUX
Department of Russian Studies  Ms. Marie STACHOWITSCH
Department of Eurasia Mr. Timour MUHIDINE
Department of Europe Mr. András KÁNYÁDI
Languages and Cultures of the Americas Mr. César ITIER