Concert de musique d’Afghanistan, le samedi 22 octobre à 18h

25 octobre 2022
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Concert de musique d’Afghanistan organisé par Francoise Robin et Nazir Rahguzar, soutenu par l'Inalco et financé par la Fondation Inalco.
Groupe de musiciens composé de Sharif Ghazal, Nesar Ahmad Attai, Amran Ali Ghazal, Bruce John Wahab, Zaher Michael Wahab
Concert de musique classique afghane © DR‎
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Après une introduction par Nazir Rahguzar, les musiciens, sous la direction de Sharif Ghazal, présenteront un florilège de musique d’Afghanistan, en groupe, en duo et en solo. Ils joueront de l’harmonium, du clavier, du tabla, du robâb, du violon et du sarod.

Chef d'orchestre : 

  • Ustad Sharif Ghazal

Musiciens : 

  • Sharif Ghazal :  Born in a famous Musician Family in Kabul, Sharif Ghazal had studied music by his father Ustad Ahmad Bakhsh a master of Clarinet and Saxophone and by his uncle the great Ustad Mohammad Hussain Sarahang (CROWN OF MUSIC). He is a famous Singer, Composer and Music Teacher. Sharif Ghazal had performed at international seminars, festivals, concerts, radio and television programs in different countries such as Iran, India, Pakistan, Germany, Switzerland, Netherland ,Russia , Libya, Turkey and a number of others. Sharif Ghazal performs Classical Ragas and sings poems of Rumi, Bedil and Hafiz as well as contemporary Pashto and Farsi-Dari poems. He has received a number of awards in Afghanistan and abroad.
  • Nesar Ahmad Attai : Nesar Ahmad Attaie was born in Kabul in 1977, as son of a well-known Afghan Rubab player from Afghanistan named Ustad Ghulam Mohammad Attaie. He began learning the Rubab from his father at the age of 7 and continued his progress at an academic level from a young age. Besides playing Rubab, he is a well-known instrument maker and builds the Afghan musical instruments like Rubab and Dutar. Nesar Ahmad Attaie is currently considered one of the best and most well-known rubab players from Afghanistan and performs internationally at concerts and music festivals. Nesar Ahmad Attaie music pieces are characterized by classical compositions as well as Afghan traditional music pieces. Also the Music from Herat-Afghanistan is a specialty of Nesar Ahmad Attaie.
  • Amran Ali Ghazal : Amran Ali Ghazal is the son of Ustad Sharif Ghazal was born in 2001 in Germany. He has been trained by Ustad Sharif Ghazal and is playing Keyboard, Piano and Harmonium. He also produces and arranges music in his music studio. Amran Ali accompanies his father Ustad Sharif Ghazal in his concerts around the world. Beside Afghan Ghazal and Classical Music, he is playing European Classical Music, Pop, Hip Hop and more.
  • Bruce John Wahab : ​Bruce John Wahab was born in 2005 near Frankfurt am Main (Germany) as the youngest of six brothers. His musical education began at an early age under the guidance of his father Abdul Wali Wahab, a master student and son-in-law of the legendary Ustad Mohammad Hashim Chishty from Afghanistan. He started playing the violin at the age of 5 and was taught by his violin master Indradeep Ghosh. Besides the traditional classical tabla school from Afghanistan (Punjab Gharana), which was part of his musical education, he became the student of tabla and jori master Ustad Sukhwinder Singh, who is one of the world class representative of the Benares and Punjab school. At the age of 12. Bruce John Wahab has played various concerts from a young age both nationally and internationally with various instruments and has been privileged to accompany many artists in various musical genres. He is one of the exceptional talents in Afghanistan and one of the best young artists from Afghanistan.
  • Zaher Michael Wahab : Zaher Michael Wahab was born in 1991 near Frankfurt am Main and is the older brother of Bruce John Wahab. His musical career began as a child under the guidance of his father Abdul Wali Wahab, a master student and son-in-law of the Grand Master Ustad Mohammad Hashim Chishty from Afghanistan. At the age of 12, he became a tabla student of Ustad Shams Tarabrez, the son of Ustad M. Hashim Chishty, and enjoyed an excellent education in classical music. He also received lessons from the legendary Ustad Mohammad Arif Paripaikar, brother of Ustad M. Hashim Chishty, who taught him both classical music and the Kharabati style (special Afghan tabla). During his musical career he had the opportunity to work with many diverse artists from India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and western artists in various genres, including western fusion music.

Un buffet de cuisine iranienne traditionnelle sera servi à l’entracte.

Evénement en français et en anglais.
Concert de bienfaisance. Entrée gratuite dans la limite des places disponibles. Vos dons seront entièrement reversés aux étudiantes afghanes de Nazir Rahguzar.