Cordées de la réussite

La cordée de la réussite " Languages and cultures of the world

The objectives of the "World languages and culture" project

The objectives of Inalco's "World Languages and Culture" cordée are threefold:

1 - Enable students to discover their potential and encourage them to develop their personal skills, particularly linguistic ones, to boost their self-confidence and self-esteem. The actions deployed in this direction will aim in particular to help students become aware of their ability to learn foreign languages, mastery of which is an increasingly decisive factor in professional integration, and to value their possible first languages and family cultures, which are often minorities, but which constitute an asset that can be mobilized both personally, academically and professionally, a lever for learning and building citizenship.

2 - Foster students' cultural and scientific openness and help develop their critical thinking, to prepare them for the academic world and enable them to contextualize and decipher information. The actions deployed to this end will aim in particular to introduce them to the scientific approach and to the ways of thinking of the human and social sciences, to the exercise of distancing and decentering, in other words to observe and respect cultural differences without making a priori stigmatizing value judgments, to listen to others, in order to encourage dialogue and debate, especially in the context of group work around a project.

3 - Help students remove certain barriers, particularly psychological and cultural, and overcome representations that prevent them from projecting themselves into an imaginary world of academic and professional success, to enable them to build an ambitious orientation project. In terms of the academic project, the aim is to enable students to make an informed choice, particularly in the context of Parcoursup, by informing them about language- and culture-related courses, how they are run and the opportunities they offer, and by informing them about the expectations of higher education establishments and the conditions for success. In terms of professional projects, the aim is to open up the horizons and possibilities offered by languages, notably through meetings with alumni and professionals working in a variety of professions in a variety of sectors.


Languages and cultures of the world" initiatives

The activities offered by Inalco as part of the "Languages and Cultures of the World" cordée revolve around three highlights scheduled throughout the school year, and are offered as part of courses (long workshops of 16 to 30 hours over the year) or modules (short workshops of 6 to 10 hours over 3 or 4 sessions) and supplemented by specific accompaniments.

Three key meeting and exchange times for roped-in students:

  • Opening days: these take place in October and January and inaugurate a seven-week workshop cycle (October to January or January to May). Students are welcomed to the Maison de la Recherche (Inalco's historic headquarters in the seventh arrondissement of Paris). The program includes a presentation of the school, its courses and career opportunities, a presentation of the cordée's activities, fun language workshops and a tour of the school's heritage building.
  • Cordée welcome day: this takes place in January and brings together students from the LCM cordées in Île de France, Eure-et-Loir and Nouvelle Aquitaine. Students are welcomed at the Pôle des Langues et Civilisations in the 13th arrondissement and at a partner cultural establishment (Musée du Quai Branly, Institut du Monde Arabe, etc.). The program may include a tour of the establishment, introductory workshops in languages taught at Inalco, a visit to the library of languages and civilizations (BULAC), round-table discussions with students and alumni, and a guided tour of the partner cultural establishment.
  • Closing day: this takes place in early June at the Pôle des Langues et Civilisations and brings together all the students in the LCM cordée. The program may include a series of workshops in the morning or a cultural visit depending on the group, as well as - and above all - a festive program of cultural and fun activities offered in the afternoon by student associations and school staff. The day is also an opportunity for students to share what they've done and discovered throughout the year: poster exhibitions, presentations of their various productions and oral presentations. At the end of the day, students will receive a certificate attesting to their participation in the LCM project.

Workshops tailored to different target audiences

Four short workshops for middle and high school students:

  • Discovering world languages
  • Multilingual creative writing
  • Public speaking
  • Valuing your skills and finding an internship

Six specific long workshops

For middle-schoolers. middle school students

  • Exploring world languages
  • For UPE2A students
  • World languages and writing
  • Multilingual theater

For middle school and high school students

  • Multilingual storytelling and storytelling

For high school students

  • Journalistic investigation
  • A budding researcher
  • Initiation into two "rare" languages


  • Discovering the world's languages
  • . of the world
  • Multilingual creative writing
  • Exploration of world languages


  • Mentoring for middle-school students
  • Welcoming parents
  • Support for career guidance
Partner establishments
Short workshops for high school and middle school students
Specific long workshops

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