The Presses de l'Inalco committee

The Presses de l'Inalco committee is collegially responsible for decisions concerning the publication of books, monographs and other academic works produced within Inalco.

It develops and implements the Institute's editorial policies, including quality standards, selection criteria, peer review procedures, and other publication-related aspects.

The Press Committee reviews publication proposals submitted by authors. It makes decisions on which works will be published based on their scientific quality, relevance and contribution to the research field concerned. Prior to publication, manuscripts undergo a peer review process. Experts external to the committee review the work to assess its scientific quality and validity. The committee can then intervene in the editorial follow-up carried out by the Presses team, particularly with regard to coordination with authors and the promotion of works.

The Presses de l'Inalco committee therefore plays a crucial role in the dissemination and valorization of academic research produced within the Institute. It contributes to strengthening its reputation as a center of intellectual production and promotes the circulation of knowledge within the academic community and beyond.