Erasmus+ mobility

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Students enrolled at Inalco from L1 to PhD can submit an application for Erasmus+ mobility.


  • A mobility project needs to be thought through, is discussed (with its referent teachers) and prepared well in advance of departure
  • L1 students wishing to undertake an Erasmus+ study mobility can only leave in the second semester of their first year
  • An Erasmus+ mobility cannot be undertaken as part of a redoublement
  • A student enrolled in a "initiation" may not take an Erasmus+ mobility for his/her L1
  • Students taking an Erasmus+ mobility must have a command of the language of instruction at the host university. Proof of this level may be required.

The selection of study mobility applications is made by an Inalco referent teacher, by the teacher responsible for international relations in the department concerned, and by the International Relations Commission.

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Erasmus+ Student Charter 2021 (1.58 MB, .pdf)

Liste des accords Erasmus+_septembre 2022 (2.6 MB, .pdf)