Doctoral training

The scientific activities of Ecole Doctorale 265 are open to Inalco doctoral students.

The educational program aims to :

  • meet the needs of doctoral students for follow-up and training, both in terms of specific disciplinary skills and in terms of a broader scientific culture beyond the strict perimeter of the thesis research field;
  • prepare the doctoral student's professional project by providing complementary knowledge with a view to integration into the academic or socio-economic world.

The training offer is part of a changing university research landscape:

  • new concepts in knowledge production,
  • transmission of acquired knowledge
  • demand for new digital skills and editorial know-how
  • dissemination and valorization of doctoral research during the curriculum
  • internationalization of research networks
  • Doctoral project linked to career guidance and integration prospects, etc.

Doctoral training is mandatory during the three years of the curriculum (refer to the portfolio).

Doctoral courses
Specific training courses
Individual doctoral student monitoring committee