Publish a book

1. Submitting a manuscript

Presses edits manuscripts written in French or partially in English, as well as manuscripts from theses, but not from theses that have not been reworked to become a book.

Adaptation to Press standards

If the author wishes, he or she can submit a manuscript that complies with the bibliographic and typographic standards in force at the Presses: see part three "Manuscript preparation" below. But this work is not mandatory at the first submission stage.

Sending the manuscript

A submission file should be sent by e-mail to the Presses' scientific management at
This file includes:

  • a complete version of the manuscript which contains: title, possible subtitle, table of contents, introduction/introduction, all chapters, conclusion, bibliography, possible appendices;
  • an anonymized version for reviewers;
  • a bio/bibliography of the author;
  • the manuscript submission form downloadable below.

Formulaire de remise d'un manuscrit (55.82 KB, .docx)

2. Manuscript evaluation procedure

The Presses committee meets between four and six times a year to examine the manuscripts submitted to it. Each publication project received by the scientific department is presented to the committee. If the committee approves the project, it is taken on by a collection director (its referent) according to both the discipline and cultural area concerned.

The manuscript is then double-blind evaluated by two reviewers (at least one of whom is from outside Inalco). Once the assessments have been made, and if they are positive, the referee contacts the author to ensure that the requested modifications have been taken into account. The manuscript is then forwarded to the editorial team, who contact the author again.

3. Bringing the manuscript up to standard

Once the work has been accepted by the scientific committee, if the author has not already done so at the manuscript submission stage, he/she is asked to respect and ensure that any co-authors respect the Presses' bibliographical standards and instructions to authors (spelling and typographical recommendations), unified for all books or journal issues published by the Presses. Both documents can be downloaded below.

Normes bibliographiques – mai 2022 (710.76 KB, .pdf)

Instructions aux auteurs - Presses Inalco (260.13 KB, .pdf)

To facilitate the work of bringing his manuscript up to bibliographic standards, if the author uses Zotero software, he can download the Zotero style sheet below. To help him install this new style, an installation guide is also available for download.

Please note: Zotero does not have a place to indicate French translations of foreign-language mentions of a bibliographic reference (authors, title, publisher, city, etc.). Two solutions are available to the author: either, in Zotero, enter the French translations in square brackets in the same lines as the foreign-language mentions; or, in the manuscript, once the bibliography has been generated by Zotero, enter the translated mentions in square brackets following the foreign mentions.

Styles Zotero Presses de l'Inalco (23.4 KB, .csl)

Comment installer un style dans Zotero ? (804.52 KB, .pdf)

4. Editorial work

The editorial team takes charge of the manuscript. It prepares the copy and proofreads it in consultation with the author, who, at the end of the process, will be asked for a final check of the layout proofs in order to sign the BAT (bon à tirer).

At the same time, the publishing contract is drawn up for signature by the authors and Les Presses.

The editorial work ends with the hard-copy printing of the book and its open access distribution on OpenEdition.