Feeding yourself

Eating couldn't be easier: there are several food service outlets close to the buildings on rue des Grands Moulins and rue de Lille. Managed by the CROUS de Paris, this offer gives you access to a balanced diet at lower cost.
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Where to eat?

University restaurants and cafeterias

Inalco's cafeteria and university restaurants offer complete, balanced meals at low cost. Compose a menu for 3.30€ (for non-scholarship students) or 1€ (for scholarship students) and eat in or take away.
Find opening times on the Crous website or on the Crous Mobile app.

Inalco cafeteria

Pôle des Langues et Civilisations

Restaurant Universitaire La Barge du Crous de Paris
Grands Moulins cafeteria
Grands Moulins self-service
Restaurant Universitaire de la Halle aux farines
Olympe de Gouges Cafeteria
Saints-Pères cafeteria

Site rue de Lille

Restaurant Universitaire Saints-Pères

Site rue de Lille

Other catering outlets

Plan Libre
Plan Libre is a third-party venue close to the Pôle des Langues et Civilisations. It offers menus designed with an anti-gaspi policy, made with unsold food from the neighborhood. These meals are cooked creatively and are different every day. Plan Libre is also involved in work reintegration projects.

Each menu costs 6€ (starter-main course or main course-dessert) and 7.5€ (starter-main course-dessert) and can be booked through this link, until 11:30am on the day.

Practical info : 12 rue Cantagrel 75013 Paris

How to pay?

You can pay in cash or by multiservice student card. It contains an online IZLY account, which can be used at CROUS stores and vending machines. This account is activated via the personal e-mail address provided by the student when registering at Inalco. It is this online account that will be debited at the checkout at the resto'U or in the cafeteria on presentation of the card.

IZLY lets you manage your account online and top it up via computer or smartphone in a matter of seconds, thanks to several top-up options. The top-up is made directly from your bank account. No need to carry a bank card! You can also ask third parties (parents...) to top up your account in a single click by credit card on the izly.fr website or via the IZLY application available on the 3 main app download stores. So you can manage and top up your account (from €5) and check your history anywhere, anytime.

Learn more about IZLY

The university offer is complemented by a wide range of private catering options in the vicinity of Inalco (rue du Chevaleret, avenue de France...)

Help with essential purchases

Inalco offers assistance with basic necessities in the form of Carrefour e-cards worth €50.
To benefit from this, you must make an appointment with the social worker.