Non-Erasmus+ mobility

Study stay - integrated curriculum mobility - as part of a partnership or internship abroad.
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In addition to intra-European mobility organized as part of the Erasmus program, all Inalco students have the opportunity to study outside Europe, at a partner university of the establishment. All of these outgoing student mobilities are organized by Inalco's direction des relations internationales, which you can contact at any time of the year to find out about the possibilities and terms of going abroad. Here you'll find your preferred contacts, depending on your home department, your destination or the financial aid you're applying for:


  • Korean Studies Department
  • Japanese Studies Department
  • Russian Studies Department
  • Eurasian Department
  • Languages and Cultures of the Americas Section
  • Financial aid for mobility

Mr. Thomas FRANÇON

  • Arabic Studies Department
  • Chinese Studies Department
  • Hebrew and Jewish Studies Department
  • Southeast Asia Pacific Department
  • South Asia Himalaya Department
  • Africa and Indian Ocean Department
  • Exchange programs via networks: CUPA (USA), BCI (Quebec), etc
  • Language Assistants Program (France Education International)

You can find the list of your international relations managers by department here.

Below you'll find all the information you need to prepare your mobility project.

Registration procedure
Financial aid
CUPA program - mobility in the United States
Recognition of international mobility