The European University of Wellbeing

On April 7, 2023, Inalco joined EUniWell, the European university alliance dedicated to promoting societal "well-being". EUniWell now includes 11 partners from eight different countries across Europe, committed to promoting well-being within their academic communities, as well as in higher education and society at large. With the addition of Inalco, the network now comprises 330,000 students and almost 60,000 academic staff.
Universités partenaires EUniWell
Universités partenaires EUniWell © EUniWell‎

EUniWell is one of 44 current European University Alliances, funded by the European Commission with the aim of realizing a European education area in which learning, study and research across national borders are a matter of course.

EUniWell was launched in 2020 as part of the second pilot phase of the European University Initiative. The Alliance pursues a holistic, knowledge-based and action-oriented approach to well-being, in response to the Council of the European Union's call to member states to promote the "well-being economy", a virtuous cycle between society, the economy and the environment, leading to greater well-being in all these dimensions. Its definition of well-being is in line with that of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.

EUniWell's core mission is to understand, improve, measure and rebalance the well-being of individuals, our community and society as a whole based on our shared values - democratic, inclusive, diverse, research- and challenge-based, inter- and trans-disciplinary, entrepreneurial and co-creative.

L'Inalco affirms its European commitment to well-being

At Inalco languages are both tools for accessing people, data and knowledge, and inseparable elements in understanding cultures and the socio-political organization of societies. The school is driven by a commitment to the well-being of students and the planet through mutual understanding in a plural world, in line with EUniWell's commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

By joining EUniWell, Inalco will strengthen its role as a leading European research university in the field of areal and global studies based on languages, leading ambitious projects such as the implementation of a European Institute for Lesser-Used Languages, the development of a European doctoral program in areal studies or the establishment of multilingual observatories to foster comparative studies on contemporary social, political and strategic issues.

A future-proof implementation of areal and global studies based on research on sources in original languages.

With the accession of Inalco, EUniWell will reaffirm its commitment to these dimensions by taking charge of a new Work Package on multilingualism and multiculturalism.
EUniWell will thus be able to develop an approach to areal and global studies that is future-proof and rooted in research on sources in Eastern languages. These developments will also support initiatives within the Institute to preserve areal expertise in a context where researchers' access to their fields of investigation is increasingly limited or hindered.

Inalco will also seek to Europeanize its long tradition of diplomatic training and engagement with institutional and civil society partners in the fields of international culture and solidarity.