The doctorate

The doctorate is organized within the doctoral school in accordance with the decree of May 25, 2016.

The doctoral program

The ED265 doctoral program generally takes three years of full-time equivalent research time. In other cases, doctoral studies may take up to six years. Administrative registration is renewed each year on the advice of the Doctoral School Council, until the thesis is defended. Upon explicit motivation, a gap year is authorized during the curriculum.

Thesis preparation takes place within the Doctoral School, in one of the research units and under the control and responsibility of one or more thesis director(s).


Doctoral students must regularly follow the doctoral training provided by the research units and the Doctoral School (seminars, study days, colloquia, etc.) and present the progress of their work each year before an individual doctoral student monitoring committee (CSID).


The doctoral degree is conferred after public defense of the thesis. The degree is prepared in the following disciplines:

  • Arts
  • Economics and society
  • Epistemology, history of science
  • African studies
  • Human and economic geography
  • History, societies and civilizations
  • Literatures and civilizations
  • Philosophy
  • Educational sciences
  • Language sciences: linguistics and language didactics
  • Political science and international relations
  • Sociology, anthropology
  • Traductology
  • Automatic language processing

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