Thesis submission and defense

Since June 1th 2013, electronic thesis deposit has been mandatory. This is the legal deposit of the thesis and applies to all theses, even confidential ones.

The doctoral student
At least 3 months before the defense, the doctoral student obligatorily contacts the doctoral secretariat to deposit his or her thesis; the composition of the jury will have previously been validated by the establishment (read the document Defense Procedure carefully).

After the defense, the doctoral student will decide whether or not to publish the final version of his or her thesis. Depending on his/her choice, the electronic version of his/her thesis will be distributed on the internet, on the platforms selected by Inalco (on, and on

Calendrier déroulement soutenance (137.2 KB, .pdf)

Proposition de jury Inalco (1.98 MB, .docx)

Procedure de soutenance 2021 (356.72 KB, .pdf)

Formulaire impression de thèse 2022 (30.86 KB, .docx)

Charte de dépôt et de diffusion électronique des thèses (50.96 KB, .docx)

Dépôt après soutenance (44.02 KB, .docx)

Formulaire d'enregistrement de thèse (32.98 KB, .docx)

Page de couverture Inalco (378.5 KB, .doc)

Page de garde cotutelle Inalco (710 KB, .doc)

Liste des ressources tiers Inalco (31.29 KB, .docx)

Annexe facile (618.71 KB, .pdf)

Attestation corrections texte effectuées (32.34 KB, .docx)