Gap Year

The "césure" is a temporary and voluntary measure taken by students to advance their personal and professional projects. Students enrolled in a Césure are required to register administratively with their institution.
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Presentation of the scheme

In accordance with law no. 2018-166 of March 8, 2018 relating to student orientation and success and its implementing decree no. 2018-372 of May 18, 2018 relating to the temporary suspension of studies in public establishments providing initial higher education training, you can request a gap year during your university course.

Only one gap year is granted per degree prepared (bachelor's, master's, doctorate). It is granted for a full academic year. It is not granted automatically, and is subject to an application that will be assessed by the pedagogical commission.

Why take a gap year?

  • Pursue a professional project
  • Take another course
  • Acquire professional experience
  • Perform an internship (internship agreement to be signed)
  • Perform civic service

When and how to apply?

To apply for a gap year for the following year, you must complete the "Gap year" form, downloadable below, and return it to your pedagogical secretariat by September 8, 2024 at the latest.

Dispositif de césure (187.75 KB, .pdf)

F.A.Q Césure

Do you have specific questions about the Césure program? Find the answers in these frequently asked questions.