Our podcast and replay conferences

During the academic year, Inalco organizes a number of conferences on a variety of topics: economic, political and social situations in geographical and cultural areas, social issues, current affairs, language policies, language sciences, social sciences, etc. One or more specialists speak on these subjects. One or more specialists speak on these subjects. These conferences are open to the general public, enabling everyone to grasp the political, economic, social and environmental issues of the regions concerned.

Asia in conferences

L'Inalco and Asialyst, the news website for the whole of Asia, bring you a cycle of debates devoted to current issues in Asia. The conferences in this cycle are also available for replay on our YouTube channel.

Les Langues O': a long history!

The Institut national des langues et civilisations orientales was founded in 1795. For over two centuries, under various names, the "Langues O'" have undergone countless evolutions and upheavals. Dive into our institution's rich history with lectures presented by Emmanuel Lozerand, university professor and head of the "History of Inalco" mission.

Inalco Foundation conferences

The Fondation Inalco organizes numerous conferences that reaffirm essential elements of Inalco's identity: the establishment's academic tradition (Master Classes with leading academics), diplomatic roots ("Grand témoin" conferences with leading diplomats), preservation of rare or endangered languages and the diversity of its alumni's professional backgrounds.

"Grand témoin" lectures

The Inalco Foundation's "Grand témoin" lectures invite personalities placed in exceptional circumstances to share their experience of "frontline diplomacy". They are aimed at students who are studying diplomacy, as well as a wider public interested in the subject under discussion.

Master Classes

The Inalco Foundation's Master Classes invite leading academics to speak on a subject of their choice within the themes and current affairs of Inalco. They are aimed at students and also at a wider public interested in the subject under discussion.

Sexual and gender-based violence worldwide

Thanks to the support of the Fondation - Institut Alain de Rothschild, the Inalco Foundation is offering a series of conferences on sexual and gender violence around the world. It brings together gender specialists with varied profiles from extremely diverse cultural areas, in order to enrich and extend the reflection begun as part of Inalco's "Gender and Sexuality in the World" degree course. In 2023-2024, the cycle's theme is "The construction of gender: beyond binarity".

Conferences organized by the Observatory of Post-Soviet States

The Observatory of Post-Soviet States (OEPS), directed by Catherine Poujol and Taline Ter Minassian, works on research and analysis of regional reorganization processes in the post-Soviet space, media monitoring of political, economic and geopolitical news in the post-Soviet states, and the study of heritage and architecture in these states. OEPS coordinates regular scientific activities, publishes works, some of which have become veritable tools for understanding the "post-Soviet transition", and organizes "breakfasts" devoted to the political, economic, geopolitical news of the post-Soviet states.