Preparing for the agrégation in Chinese

120 hours of preparation for the competitive entrance examination; also available to all sinisant and teachers wishing to develop their skills and knowledge throughout their professional life.

Inalco and Université Paris Cité (formerly Université Paris Diderot) jointly organize a preparation course for the agrégation in Chinese (external and internal). This course can be taken even if you don't intend to sit the exam within the year. It aims to prepare candidates for the competitive exams (methodology, Chinese linguistics, modern and classical literature syllabus, history syllabus, theme and version translation techniques, oral preparation), but also aims to offer enriching training to any Chinese speaker and teacher wishing to develop their skills and knowledge throughout their professional life.

Since the start of the 2021 academic year, this preparation is given entirely by distance learning (synchronous courses on Zoom + dedicated Moodle platform, with a few groupings in Paris during the year) and is managed by the professional and continuing education departments of both establishments.

Pre-requisites: validated Master 1 or Capes. TCF 6 (or DALF) for candidates without a French diploma and a very good level of written, oral and literary Chinese. An application form is available online at CanditOnline.

Training content (approx. 120 hours)
  • Theme/version: 32 hours
  • Linguistics for the agrégation test: 26 hours
  • Modern literature on syllabus: 10h/12h
  • History on syllabus: 10h/12h
  • Classical literature on syllabus: 10h/12h
  • Classical Chinese text on syllabus: 10h/12h
  • Methodology: 10h/12h (dissertation/commentary)
  • colles for admissibles

Schedule: classes mostly from 5pm and on Saturdays, from September to April (colles in May intended for admissibles). For the moment, only the schedule for the 2023 session is available (for information).

Planning AGCHI 22-23 (228.25 KB, .pdf)

Organisation et planning préparation agrégations de chinois 2022-2023

Back-to-school meeting: Saturday, September 23, 2023 (1-5pm)
Start of classes: October 2, 2023
Information and contacts:;;