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The Centre de Recherche Europes-Eurasie is one of the few centers in Europe to combine long-term historical, topical and prospective research on an area as large as Medieval and Balkan Europe, Russia and Central Asia, covering distinct but complementary disciplinary fields: literature, arts, languages, history, society, geopolitics, economics, law, environment.

Alexandre BEDENKO

Thesis topic: Condemned desire, prevented desire in Soviet cinema from 1957 to 1988
then 20
Thesis supervisor: Catherine GERY
Thesis co-supervisor: Eugénie ZVONKINE


Thesis topic:The internationalization of intellectual life in post-Soviet Russia, 1991-2019: historical and sociological insights. The case of intellectual journals and publishing houses
PhD contract since 2020
Thesis director: Ilya PLATOV
Thesis co-director: Gisèle SAPIRO


Thesis topic: Archetypal figures within the Maausk: studies of symbolic kinship systems through Neopagan rituals in Estonia
Doctoral contract since 2023
Thesis supervisor: Eva Toulouze


Thesis topic: In the footsteps of Mela Muter (1876-1967), Zofia Stryjeńska (1891-1976) and Zofia Piramowicz (1886-1958) in Europe. A comparative and contextual study of the artistic and original production of three women artists at the juncture of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and during the interwar period
Doctoral contract since 2022
Director of Thesis: Piotr BILOS
Co-director of Thesis: Jerzy MALINOWSKI