India in the run-up to the 2024 general elections

Between April 19 and June 1, 2024, India will hold general elections to renew the mandate of its National Assembly, which will determine the choice of a new Prime Minister.
Femmes indiennes au bord du fleuve
Groupe de femmes se rendant à leur travail (Karnataka, 2023) © Anne Viguier‎

Nearly a billion voters will be mobilized. Who is this voting India? What aspirations, what fractures, what social issues?

A panel of researchers specializing in this country will debate:

Clea Chakraverty (journalist and writer), Bérénice Girard (CESSMA/IRD), Nicolas Jaoul (IRIS/CNRS), Harit Joshi (CESSMA/Inalco), Delon Madavan (CERIAS), Delphine Ortis (Inalco/CESAH), Marie-Caroline Zérah (CESSMA/Inalco), Anne Viguier (CESSMA/Inalco).

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