Evening language courses

This program runs from 7pm to 9pm, from October to June, to learn to speak, read, write and understand a language of your choice.

Our training courses in Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Russian are eligible for CPF.

Nos formations avec CPF (2.61 MB, .pdf)

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In brief

This formula is available in face-to-face and in distance learning for all levels (levels 1 to 6) for a total of 60 hours per year.

A self-assessment test is compulsory prior to enrolment to assess entry level (levels 2 to 6). For enrolment in level 1 (complete beginner) no test is necessary.
The placement tests are accessible on this page.

Each level effectively followed is sanctioned by assessments and an end-of-training certificate.

All languages taught in initial training at Inalco can be taught in continuing education in group courses (subject to a minimum number of trainees) in evening classes in the classic formula.

If you are paying yourself for the program, you may proceed directly to AEC our secured registration system, between June 15 and September 8 2024.

TECHNICAL ASPECTS (for online courses)

Formule cours du soir à distance fiche produit (51 KB, .pdf)

Formule cours du soir présentiel fiche produit (50.56 KB, .pdf)


Please find below the course calendar for the year 2023-2024. Please note: this schedule is indicative. Courses may continue during June if necessary to complete the 60-hour training program.

CALENDRIER COURS DU SOIR 24-25 (116.45 KB, .pdf)