Language certification (LILATE)

The LILATE test enables you to assess your skills in one of 4 languages: Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Russian. The test enables you to check your ability to work in a foreign language, even at the level of simple exchanges.

LILATE© 2023 is a language assessment test that enables all professionals in the job market to evaluate a candidate's operational language skills. The Live Language Test (LILATE) is an online exam enabling companies to assess language levels in a professional context.

Certification and the ability to work in a foreign language is obtained from level B1 of the CEFR (European framework,...). Candidates obtaining assessments below B1 will only be issued with an attestation of level and passage. (

It is available in 4 languages that we teach at Inalco in continuing education: Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian.

The LILATE is registered on the Répertoire Spécifique de France Compétences. It is eligible for the CPF (Compte Personnel de Formation) and the CPF de Transition Professionnel.

Here is some essential information:
The skills that will be assessed are available on the LILATE website.

The aim of the test is level B1 of the CEFR. From this level, the candidate will obtain the certificate of aptitude to work in this language. Any candidate who obtains between A1 and A2 will receive an attestation of level and passage.