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Health Access Licenses (L.AS) are composed of a major chosen by the student (Law, Language, Biology, Humanities, etc.) and a "Health Access" minor. Under certain conditions, they can be used to apply for the following 5 health courses: medicine, maieutics, odontology, pharmacy and physiotherapy. Inalco, in collaboration with Université Paris Cité, offers Licences Accès Santé (L.AS) in 17 "oriental" languages.

The "Accès Santé" bachelor's degree at Inalco: general presentation

LLCER + Health minor

Language and civilization teaching will be organized at Inalco (60 ECTS per year).
Parallel to this, students will take distance learning courses from the Health minor taught by Université Paris Cité (12 ECTS).

Expected profile

This highly demanding program is aimed at students with an excellent level in literary subjects, gifted in languages and curious about the cultural areas where they are spoken, and with a very strong appetite for scientific disciplines. In addition, completing both the LLCER degree and the Health Minor requires a high degree of self-discipline, as well as excellent methodological, organizational and autonomy skills.

Study organization

Each year of the LLCER degree at Inalco comprises around ten courses per week, each lasting between 1.5 and 2 hours. To progress, you need to work very regularly. Most language courses are given in small classes, which means that students can be monitored individually.

Students enrolled in the "Accès Santé" Licence at Inalco will be supported throughout the academic year to ensure that they make the most of both their LLCER Licence year and their Health training. They will benefit from personalized support from a mentor teacher and tutors, and will have access to a study room and computer equipment.

Students enrolled in the L.AS program may, at the end of each Bachelor's year and provided they have validated the 60 ECTS for the LLCER year as well as all the modules of the Health Minor, apply for the L2 level of the medical, maieutic, odontological, pharmaceutical and physiotherapy health courses. A maximum of two applications are allowed over the entire Bachelor's degree course (a maximum of one application in the case of a previous PACES or PASS application).

Languages open at the start of the 2023 academic year

In 2023-2024, 17 languages offer the L.AS Bachelor's degree pathway, including 15 at beginner level (in Russian and Literal Arabic, L1 is open to students who have acquired the skills corresponding to Inalco's introductory diplomas in Russian or Literal Arabic).

They are spread across different regional areas:

Languages of Africa and the Indian OceanBerber, Hausa, Malagasy, Swahili, Wolof
South Asian and Himalayan languagesTamil
Southeast Asian and Pacific languagesKhmer
Eurasian languagesArmenian, Turkish
Languages of EuropeAlbanian, Modern Greek, Polish, Romanian
Languages of the Middle East and MaghrebLiteral Arabic, Maghrebian Arabic, Modern Hebrew
Languages of RussiaRussian

Organization, teaching and grading procedures

Methods for the organization, teaching and grading of the L.AS 2023-2024 Bachelor's Health Minor. This document was presented to and validated by the Education Commission of the Université Paris Cité Health Faculty on October 31, 2023.

Livret L.AS de l'Université Paris Cité (330.44 KB, .pdf)