The Inalco Foundation has a Board of Directors bringing together internal and external expertise.
Membres du Conseil d'administration de la Fondation Inalco. De gauche à droite : Margaux Charles (Chargée de développement de la Fondation Inalco), Philippe Aguignier, Julien Vercueil, Jean-François Huchet, Anaïd Donabedian, Manuelle Franck, Delphine Alles
Conseil d'administration de la Fondation Inalco © Arnaud Gennevois‎

Chaired by Philippe Advani, the Inalco Foundation's Board of Directors brings together internal and external expertise that together will contribute to the Foundation's success.

It is made up of:

  • Mr Philippe ADVANI, President of the Inalco Foundation*
  • Mr Philippe AGUIGNIER, Treasurer of the Inalco Foundation*
  • Mrs Delphine ALLES
  • Mr. Hervé BARBARET
  • Mrs Charlotte BOISDRON
  • Mrs Anaïd DONABEDIAN
  • Mrs Manuelle FRANCK
  • Mr Jean GERIN, Vice-President of the Fondation Inalco*
  • Mr Jean-François HUCHET
  • Mrs Boriana SILHOL
  • Mr. Peter STOCKINGER
  • Mr Hubert TESTARD
  • Mr Julien VERCUEIL, General Secretary of the Fondation Inalco*

*members of the Bureau of the Fondation Inalco

The mission of the Fondation Inalco will be to foster the development of Inalco through the support of academic and strategic projects. In particular, it will:

  • Call on philanthropy to promote Inalco's missions in the fields of teaching, research and society;
  • Foster creativity and the implementation of innovative initiatives;
  • Strengthen Inalco's influence, reputation and partnerships in France and internationally. With this creation, Inalco acquires a tool to serve the collective and the establishment's projects, a unique place for the engagement of its internal and external stakeholders, and a vector for the influence of its unique identity, history and worldview.