Hebrew and Jewish Studies

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Inalco's Hebrew and Jewish Studies department is the only one of its kind in France (and Europe) to offer a solid course of study that enables students to develop either a linguistic training in the particular history of Hebrew (and its various layers) and/or a Jewish language, or a training in Jewish civilization with a solid linguistic foundation.
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Inalco's Hebrew and Jewish Studies department has earned an unrivalled reputation in France and at European level for the quality and high standard of its training in Hebrew language and linguistics; biblical, rabbinic, medieval and modern literature; ancient, medieval, modern and contemporary Jewish history; and Jewish philosophy and thought (medieval and modern).

Languages taught

Hebrew, Judeo-Arabic, Judeo-Spanish, Yiddish.



The Modern Hebrew Licence is aimed primarily at students with an interest in Hebrew, both classical and above all modern, in the history of this language and its various layers, and in the study of Jewish worlds in general, and that of the contemporary era and the State of Israel in particular. The teaching of the language is aimed at the acquisition of solid grammatical foundations and high-level oral and written skills. Multimedia laboratories and learning software are available to students.
The bachelor's degree also offers solid training in various Jewish languages: Yiddish, Judeo-Spanish and Judeo-Arabic. 
It is the only one in Europe to offer a complete course (4 levels) in these three languages.

  • License in Langue Littérature et Civilisation Etrangères (LLCER) in Modern Hebrew
  • Double license in Langue Littérature et Civilisation Etrangères (LLCER) in Arabic/Modern Hebrew
  • License LLCER bilangue in Hebrew (majeure)/Arabic (mineure). Not renewed in 2024-2025
  • License LLCER bilangue in Arabic (majeure)/Hebrew  (mineure). Not renewed in 2024-2025
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  • Master Langues, cultures et sociétés du monde - Mention Langue Littérature et Civilisation Etrangères (LLCER) in Modern Hebrew
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School diplomas
  • Diploma de Langue et Civilisation (DLC) hébraïques et juives (DLC1, DLC2 and DLC3)
  • Diploma of Advanced Skills in Jewish Languages (Judeo-Arabic, Judeo-Spanish, Yiddish).
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Are you a complete beginner in Hebrew? Are you unable or unwilling to attend face-to-face classes at INALCO? This 100% distance learning course is for you:

  • Distance Hebrew and Jewish Languages and Civilizations Diploma (DLC) (DLC1: scheduled to open in 2025-2026)
  • Distance Hebrew Language Diploma (DL) (DL1 and DL2)
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Preparing for the start of the 2023-2024 school year

Manual to buy for first-year absolute beginners

Absolute beginners in L1 and DLC1 and distance DL1 students must absolutely buy the Hebrew textbook "First and Foremost" by Goni Tishler and Ateret Yarden Barak before the start of the school year!

Department administration

Director: Simon PEREGO
Pedagogical management
Office 3.41A