International Relations Department (DRI)

The International Relations Department is responsible for driving and coordinating Inalco's various international initiatives within the institution, notably in liaison with foreign teachers and partners, in line with the international relations policy set by the President.
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The DRI is involved in defining and implementing the school's European and international cooperation policy.

In this context, it coordinates and oversees all international activities carried out by the school, both internally with teachers, students and administrative staff, and externally with universities and organizations around the world.

The department is therefore open to all and works in close cooperation with all the teachers responsible for international relations in the departments (RRI), the pedagogical secretariats, and Inalco's administrative services.

It is made up of three poles: an Erasmus+ pole, an incoming mobility pole and an outgoing mobility pole.

Main activities of each pole

Erasmus+ pole

  • Internal and external communication on the Erasmus+ program: Erasmus Days, back-to-school amphitheaters, individual interviews with Inalco students, teachers or staff wishing to get involved, etc.
  • Portage of mobility projects (AC1) in its own right and support for the submission of cooperation projects (AC2) in conjunction with DIRVED and Inalco project leaders
  • Administrative and financial management of Erasmus+ projects won by Inalco (as project leader or partner): organization of the distribution of funding to applicants, participation in monitoring committees, etc.
  • Development and renewal of inter-institutional mobility agreements or Erasmus+ cooperation partnership agreements

Incoming mobility pole

  • Communication with Inalco student targets: exchange students and free movers, to introduce them to Inalco's training offer
  • Accompanying students from their nomination or admission to their departure from Inalco: organizing French tests, registration, finding accommodation, transcripts, etc.
  • Administrative management of various Inalco academic programs: Inal'FLE, Institut Sorbonne-Kazakhstan, DU Passerelle...
  • Accompaniment in the development of the Inal'FLE program

Outgoing mobility pole

  • Management of various Inalco external mobility programs: CUPA, Programme québécois d'échanges étudiants, Programme des Assistants de français à l'étranger
  • Communication with Inalco students, in conjunction with each department's RRI, to encourage them to pursue an international mobility project
  • Nomination of students selected by their departments to the host universities
  • Accompaniment of students from the administrative set-up of their project through to their return to France
  • External communication and administration of the various outgoing mobility aid programs: Aides à la Mobilité Internationale (AMI), ministerial or regional scholarships, Master's program (field research, etc.).)

Transversal activities

Development and renewal of agreements

  • Development and renewal of international cooperation agreements
  • Archiving and administrative management of cooperation agreements, particularly for student mobility, linking Inalco with international establishments (excluding research partnerships)

Internal and external communication

  • Hosting (or helping to host) foreign delegations
  • Promoting Inalco abroad, in conjunction with the communications department
  • Participating in and leading international networks in which Inalco takes part (Campus France Forum, AUF, CAAS, ECAF, etc.).)
  • Monitoring and informing on international initiatives and programs

Inalco's international policy

  • Piloting and leading Inalco's international relations commission
  • Animating the network of teachers responsible for international relations in the departments (RRI)
  • Animating and taking charge of labeling procedures to various international standards (Bienvenue en France, Label Qualité FLE, etc..)
  • Funding of international missions by teachers or administrative staff from the DRI budget