Japanese studies

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Inalco's Japanese Studies Department is one of the leading centres for Japanese language teaching in Europe, offering a complete range of courses from the rudiments of the language to the highest university degrees.
 Prêtre shintō du sanctuaire Fushimi-Inari, Kyōto (Japon)
Prêtre shintō du sanctuaire Fushimi-Inari, Kyōto (Japon) © Antony DSD / Pexels‎

In terms of numbers of students and teaching staff, Inalco's Japanese language training is the largest not only in France but also in Europe. Even in terms of graduates, the flow remains higher than that of SOAS in London. Demanding in both written and spoken language, this training gives students not only linguistic skills, but also a rigor and capacity for work that are invaluable assets for their professional integration. The diversity of teaching on classical, modern and contemporary Japanese civilization is one of the great riches of the training offer.

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Director: Sumikazu NISHIO
Director: Guibourg DELAMOTTE