Jean Rouch Festival

A week of ethnographic documentaries. Around 26 films in competition from every continent, 8 prizes awarded, tributes to ethnographic documentary filmmakers, themed screenings and debates between filmmakers, researchers, producers, anthropological festival programmers from all over the world and the public.
Festival Jean Rouch 2024 - Visuel carré
Festival Jean Rouch 2024 - Visuel carré © Comité du film ethnographique‎

The Jean Rouch Festival

The Comité du film ethnographique has been organizing the Jean Rouch International Festival in Paris for 40 years. Initiated by filmmaker and ethnologist Jean Rouch (1917-2004), this event is a unique opportunity in France to screen documentaries that reveal the social and cultural evolution of human societies and man's relationship with the environment. Around 26 films in competition from every continent, 8 prizes awarded, tributes to ethnological documentary filmmakers, themed screenings and debates. The Festival is a lively place for discovery, encounters, reflection, collaboration and debate between filmmakers, scientists, production professionals and the general public.

Inalco, a natural partner

Since 2012, Inalco has been associated with the Jean Rouch Festival. Inalco analyzes the movements of the world and societies through its training and research in history, geography, politics, economics, political science and sociology. However, this mapping would be incomplete without ethnology, a discipline that is essential to understanding societies, particularly when it produces or relies on the first-hand sources that are films.

The Prix Mondes en regards

The Inalco jury, made up of a student, a teacher and a staff member, takes part each year in the international competition of the Festival Jean Rouch. On this occasion, it awards the Prix Mondes en regards from among the films in competition, in connection with Inalco's cultural areas and disciplines. The prize is endowed with 1,000 euros for French translation and subtitling of the winning film. The winning film is then screened the same year in the Inalco auditorium.

The Regards comparés selection

Since 2012, in November, Inalco has hosted the "Regards comparés" selection around a special theme. Regards comparés" is a four-day program of documentary films and debates, produced jointly by the Comité du film ethnographique and teachers at Inalco.

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Festival Jean Rouch 2024

Find out about the Inalco jury members on video!

Chanyueh Liu (France, Taiwan)
Ethnoscenologist, teacher of Taiwanese, Mandarin and performative cultures of East Asian societies at Inalco, and lecturer in the History of Taiwan at Université Paris Cité. His research focuses on language teaching and theatrical practices, on know-how systems in contemporary Taiwanese society and their evolution, and on transmediality between cultural production and literary texts.

Alejandra Rotondaro Ferreira (France, Venezuela)
As an events and cultural project manager at Inalco, she is passionate about the cultural sector. With an MBA in Cultural Engineering and Management and a research Master's degree in Classics, she has worked in various cultural structures in favor of cultural democratization and the dissemination of knowledge.

Agathe Gauthier (France)
A student at Inalco in her third year of the Siamese and International Relations LLCER degree, she developed a strong interest in the cultural field at a very early age, particularly in the arts, which she accessed through theater as a child. Curious and passionate, she likes to open up to new fields and expand her knowledge. Between readings, cinema, concerts and even museum visits, she continually finds sources of inspiration in the diversity of artistic expressions, constantly broadening her horizons.