Language didactics

The Didactics of Languages (DDL) course is designed for students wishing to complete their training with an introduction to, and specialization in, the didactics of languages and cultures.

The aim may be to train in the teaching of French as a foreign language (FLE) or second language (FLS), in the didactics of plurilingualism, or to train in the didactics of one of the languages taught at Inalco.
Apprentissage des langues - Illustration
Apprentissage des langues - Illustration ©‎

Training courses

The Didactique Des Langues (DDL) degree program enhances students' knowledge of Oriental languages and civilizations with a view to professionalizing their teaching of languages and/or French as a foreign language, both abroad and in France.

The DDL program offers 2 courses:

NB: With the exception of Erasmus + teaching assignments, Inalco's DDL program does not accept research trainees. This type of request must be addressed to the research units. Please note that all such requests must be accompanied by a complete application file (CV, teaching and research project, financial details, letters of support...) and that a simple e-mail is insufficient to process the file.

Plaquette - DDL (2.01 MB, .pdf)

Department administration

Director : Céline PEIGNÉ
Director of studies : Damien BRESSON