Languages and cultures of the Americas

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Carte de l'Amérique de Guillaume Danet, Paris, 1766
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Languages taught

Inalco's plurilingual Languages and Cultures of the Americas section is the only place in the world to offer multi-year, degree-granting university courses in three major indigenous languages of the American continent: inuktitut (Nunavik and Nunavut, in Canada's eastern Arctic), maya (southern Mexico, Guatemala, Belize) and quechua (Andean regions from southern Colombia to northwestern Argentina, via Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia). The section also offers lessons in guarani (Paraguay) and nahuatl (central Mexico).

Today, all these languages enjoy official status in the countries or regions where they are spoken, as well as a growing presence in written production, the media and education systems. More recently, they have been entering new fields of communication. In addition to being essential to the development of new and original research in the fields of linguistics, history and ethnology, the study of these languages is a unique enrichment for anyone interested in the present-day future of indigenous American societies.


Master's degrees

It is possible to take classes in Quechua as part of a Master's degree in Foreign Language, Literature and Civilization (LLCER).
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School diplomas
  • Diplomas in Languages and Civilization (DLC) of Mesoamerica, specializing in Maya or Nahuatl, levels 1 and 2
  • Diplomas in Languages and Civilization (DLC) levels 1 to 3 in Inuktitut and Quechua
  • Diplomas in Languages and Civilization (DLC) level 4 in Quechua
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Langues O' passport

Guarani, maya, nahuatl, quechua

Section administration

Director: Marc-Antoine MAHIEU
Pedagogical manager: N.N
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