Malay (Indonesian)

Discovering the language

"Malay has been taught at Langues O' since 1841. Today, it is better known as "Indonesian" (in Indonesia) and "Malay" (in Malaysia), where it is used as the national language. Also spoken in Singapore, Brunei Darussalam and Thailand, Malay is now spoken by some 250 million people, of whom around 60 million use it as their mother tongue.

Malaysia has long been one of the "Asian Dragons". After plantations and light industry, the country is now banking on tourism and educational engineering, in particular. The Indonesian take-off is more recent, but Indonesia is now a member of the G20, recognized as a "major emerging country" by the French government. It is also Southeast Asia's largest democracy, a country with a gigantic domestic market and multiple opportunities."

Malaysian-Indonesian or Indonesian-Malaysian is taught at Inalco within the Southeast Asia and Pacific Department.

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