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Tatar is a language belonging to the Turkic language group, spoken mainly in Russia, notably in Tatarstan where it is the official language (Kazan Tatar). Spoken by around 4 million speakers, Tatar has been written in the Cyrillic alphabet (with a few specific letters) since 1939, and it is in this script that the vast majority of printed texts are found.

Turkic languages are taught at Inalco as an introductory course as part of the Turkish degree.

Training courses

Six Tatar courses, spread over 2 levels, are offered within the LLCER license of Eurasian languages. Accessible as an in-depth study in certain languages, they can also be taken as an opening in L2 or L3 (refer to the brochures).

Courses offered:
Initiation to Kazan Tatar 1 and 2
Tatar civilization 1 and 2
Tatar level 2

These courses can also be chosen as part of a Passport.