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The Centre de Recherche Europes-Eurasie is one of the few centers in Europe to combine long-term historical, topical and prospective research on an area as large as Medieval and Balkan Europe, Russia and Central Asia, covering distinct but complementary disciplinary fields: literature, arts, languages, history, society, geopolitics, economics, law, environment.


Thesis topic: Les Stenberg: Constructeurs D'affiches Cinématographiques (1923-1933). Avant-Gardist Experiments With "Magical Realism"
Since 2020
Thesis Director: Catherine GERY
Thesis Co-Director: Anna LEYLOYAN


Thesis Subject : Aesthetics of Catastrophe and Identity in the Work of Krikor Beledian
Since 2018
Thesis Director: Catherine GERY
Thesis Co-Director: Anaid DONABEDIAN

Alexandre BEDENKO

Thesis Subject: Condemned desire, prevented desire in Soviet cinema from 1957 to 1988
Since 2020 (doctoral contract)
Thesis director: Catherine GERY
Thesis co-director: Eugénie ZVONKINE


Thesis topic: Mosque architecture and writing in Bosnia-Herzegovina from 1878 to 2020: between tradition and innovation
Since 2019
Director of Thesis: Bernard LORY

Raphaël DA SILVA

Subject of Thesis: The Islamic Republic of Iran and the Caucasus from 1991 to the present day: from regional neighborliness to the new "Great Game"?
Since 2021
Thesis Director: Taline TER MINASSIAN


Thesis Subject: The socio-environmental and security impact of the 'New Silk Roads' in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan
From 2022
Thesis director: Catherine POUJOL
Thesis co-director: Sébastien COLIN


Thesis subject: From phenomenology to history: The logico-ontological turn in Gustav Chpet's philosophy
Since 2022
Thesis supervisor: Ilya PLATOV

Jelena JOKIC

Thesis topic: The Serbian economic model (2000-2021): systemic innovation or dependent capitalism?
From 2020
Thesis supervisor: Assen SLIM
Thesis co-supervisor: Nebojsa VUKADINOVIC

Katarzyna JOPA

Thesis topic:Poetics of water: A Bachelardian Reading of the Work of Krzysztof Kamil Baczynski
Since 2018
Thesis Director: Piotr BILOS

Ekaterina KASYMOVA

Thesis Subject: The soft power of the great powers in Kyrgyzstan: China, Russia, the European Union
Since 2019
Thesis director: Catherine POUJOL

Anastasiia KOZYREVA

Thesis topic: "La Traduction dessinée": the works of Alexander Pushkin and Mikhail Lermontov illustrated and translated into French
Since 2019
Directrice de Thèse : Catherine GERY

CV : Anastasiia KOZYREVA (305.7 KB, .pdf)


Thesis topic: Changes in Russian energy strategy in the face of major political and economic upheavals
Since 2017
Thesis supervisor: Julien VERCUEIL


Thesis topic: The apocalypse according to Erofeev: laughter as a means of reinterpreting the Russian eschatological tradition
Since 2020
Thesis director: Catherine GERY
Thesis co-director: Hélène MELAT

CV : Denis LAKINE (168.41 KB, .pdf)


Thesis topic:Industrial policy as a geo-economic tool for the European Union, selected EU countries (Poland, France, Germany) and Russia
Since 2020
Thesis supervisor: Assen SLIM
Thesis co-supervisor: Tomasz GROSSE


Thesis topic:Trust and informal financial institutions in contemporary Kyrgyzstan
Since 2018
Thesis director:Catherine POUJOL
Thesis co-director:Julien VERCUEIL

CV : Iliias MAMADIIAROV (134.08 KB, .pdf)

Cécile MARIN

Thesis subject:Franco-Soviet relations on the African terrain: the case of Angola 1975-1991
Since 2015
Thesis director: Anne DE TINGUY


Thesis subject: Study of the collection of Ethiopian protective scrolls preserved at the Matenadran in Yerevan, Armenia
Since 2017
Thesis supervisor: Taline TER MINASSIAN
Thesis co-supervisor: Anna LEYLOYAN

CV : Méliné MIGURDITCHIAN (114.45 KB, .pdf)


Thesis topic: The Poetry of Socialist Estrada: Emergence of an Alternative Bulgarian Poetry through Variety Song in the 1960s-1980s
Since 2021
Thesis Director: Marie VRINAT-NIKOLOV

Eléonore NANTAS

Thesis Subject: Transport infrastructure and geo-economic development: Azerbaijan and Georgia facing the New Silk Roads initiative
Since 2017
Thesis supervisor: Julien VERCUEIL


Thesis subject: Texts and discourses of the "Putinian second wave" of Russian emigration
Since 2021
Thesis director: Catherine GERY
Thesis co-director: AHélène MELAT


Thesis topic: L'Entre-deux-mers comme enjeu stratégique : Cartographie des imaginaires et dynamiques historiques du concept "Intermarium" de la chute des Empires centraux à nos jours
Since 2019
Director of Thesis: Etienne BOISSERIE
Co-director of Thesis: Marlène LARUELLE

CV : Adrien NONJON (217.02 KB, .pdf)


Thesis topic:The internationalization of intellectual life in post-Soviet Russia, 1991-2019: historical and sociological insights. The case of intellectual journals and publishing houses
Since 2020 (doctoral contract)
Thesis director: Ilya PLATOV
Thesis co-director: Gisèle SAPIRO


Thesis topic: Praguean theory of the standard language and the legacy of the Czech past
Since 2017
Thesis director:Catherine SERVANT
Thesis co-director: Christian PUECH

Pierre-Etienne ROYER

Thesis subject: Aspects of imposture in the work of Nikolai Gogol
Since 2017
Thesis Director:Catherine GERY


Thesis Subject: The principle of movement within the Russian avant-gardes of the 1910s
Since 2014
Directrice de Thèse: Catherine GERY
Co-directeur de Thèse: Arnauld PIERRE


Sujet de Thèse: Un historien en son temps, Gyula Szekfü 1883-1955. History, historiography, politics
Since 2020
Director of Thesis: Etienne BOISSERIE
Co-director of Thesis:András KANYADI


Subject of Thesis: Globalized myths in contemporary South Korean literature (the case of Choi Jjae Hoon and Park Min Kyu)
Since 2017
Thesis supervisor: Marie VRINAT-NIKOLOV
Thesis co-director: Eun JIN JEONG


Thesis topic: Transforming the state through ICT? Relations between State, Market and Society in the Digital Age in Russia (2002-2020)
Since 2020
Director of Thesis: Julien VERCUEIL

CV : Dmitry VOLKOV (168.41 KB, .pdf)


Thesis subject: In the footsteps of Mela Muter (1876-1967), Zofia Stryjeńska (1891-1976) and Zofia Piramowicz (1880-1958) in Europe. A comparative and contextual study of the artistic and original production of three women artists at the juncture of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and during the inter-wars
Since 2022 (Doctoral Contract)
Director of Thesis: Piotr BILOS
Co-director of Thesis: Jerzy MALINOWSKI


Thesis topic: An assertive will to power: Analyzing Poland's geostrategic ambitions in Medieval Europe
Since 2019
Thesis supervisor: Bruno DRWESKI

CV : Léa XAILLY (145.93 KB, .pdf)


Thesis topic: "Sunnitization" in the Republic of Azerbaijan: a socio-political approach to changing denominational affiliation
Since 2022
Thesis supervisor: Catherine POUJOL