Book publication: KATEB Yacine and Debza at the heart of the Berber Spring

9 March 2023
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Farida Aït Ferroukh, KATEB Yacine et Debza au coeur du Printemps berbère (Editions Koukou, Algiers, 2022).
Couverture du livre : kateb Yacine et Debza au cœur du Printemps berbère
Couverture du livre : Kateb Yacine et Debza au cœur du Printemps berbère © Ali Ihaddaden‎
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Through the Debza troupe and its godfather Kateb Yacine, the author revisits the little-known face of the Berber Spring in its Algerian extensions. Involved in the autonomous university committees before taking to the stage with their singing and acting, these amateur actors were at the forefront of the struggle for a democratic Algeria, and the rehabilitation of its plural identity.
"Tongues in cheek", Kateb Yacine and "his" young people built bridges between communities, which the manipulators of the shadows are still trying to pit against each other to neutralize their common quest for civic emancipation.
This long-term research work, based on unpublished testimonials, reveals the struggles of the 1980s in the face of the single-party regime. To the unity of thought of the hired patriots, the protesters opposed mobilization in the diversity of convictions; to the slogans of the courtiers, the lucidity of contradictory debates, sometimes virulent but always united in the face of adversity.
A bygone era? No, rather the beginnings of a long march towards a new springtime that, four decades later, is still struggling to blossom. At a time when an authoritarian leaden blanket is paralyzing the country and stifling the aspirations of young people, the spirit of Kateb Yacine calls for the redeployment of the banner of resistance and freedom. This is the only way to win "the war of 2000 years"...

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