Festival Jean Rouch 2022: the film "La combattante" wins the Prix Mondes en regards

24 May 2022

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The Inalco jury of the 41st Jean Rouch International Ethnographic Film Festival awarded the Prix Mondes en regards to the film "La combattante" after a week of competition and 12 films viewed.
« La combattante » de Camille Ponsin
« La combattante » de Camille Ponsin © Festival Jean Rouch‎
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The Inalco jury has decided to award the Prix Mondes en regards to the film La combattante by Camille Ponsin for its profound social necessity and human qualities. The members of the jury were moved by the character's commitment and hope that her fight with and for the victims of Darfur will also have an impact on the Inalco audience, an institute whose values and commitments to contemporary migration issues resonate strongly with the film.

La combattante won the Grand Prix for national documentary at FIPADOC 2022 last January. It will be screened at Inalco in the first half of 2022-2023.

Les membres du jury Inalco remettent le Prix Mondes en regards au réalisateur Camille Ponsin
Les membres du jury Inalco remettent le Prix Mondes en regards au réalisateur Camille Ponsin © Vincent Grenouillat / Festival Jean Rouch‎

The award-winning films from this 41st edition will be screened at the Musée de l'Homme's Jean Rouch auditorium on May 14 and 15. The festival continues from May 16 to 18, at the Condorcet campus in Aubervilliers with the Social Sciences and Sound Creation program, pending the Regards comparés selection next November at Inalco.

La combattante (Marie-José awaits you at 4pm) by Camille Ponsin (France)

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Somewhere under the rooftops of Paris, an old lady is waiting for a visitor. For a long time, she was an ethnologist specializing in Darfur, a region that has never left her. The visitors she receives, day after day, don't come here for tea. What they come for is the crucial help that only this 90-year-old woman can provide. They are survivors of the genocide that has struck the people of Darfur since 2003. Thanks to her knowledge of Sudan, Marie-José can authenticate their stories, enabling them to obtain political asylum in France. During each visit, the old lady's apartment becomes a closed-door setting for an exchange of intense truth...

About the director

Since 2003, Camille Ponsin has been directing documentaries for television that have met with double success, critically and in terms of audiences, such as Les Demoiselles de Nankin (Prix Michel Mitrani at FIPA 2008), Bollywood Boulevard (Prix Etoile de la Scam 2012) and Le droit au baiser (Coup de coeur du Jury at Fipa 2014). He is now making his first film for cinema with the support of the advance on receipts from the CNC, the Ile-de-France region and the Wallonia-Brussels federation.

Inalco 2022 jury members

Axel Ducourneau: anthropologist, research engineer and DGSA at Inalco
Il-Il Yatziv-Malibert: professor in the Hebraic and Jewish Studies Department at Inalco
Frédérique Vivet: student at Inalco in the Indonesian-Malaysian degree program and artist-filmmaker