A look back at the first edition of the Intangible Cultural Heritage Days

23 October 2023

Campus life

On October 4 and 5, 2023, Inalco's Events and Cultural Action Department organized the first Intangible Cultural Heritage Days (JPCI). The twentieth anniversary of the signing of the "Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage", on October 17, 2003, was an opportunity to highlight this UNESCO initiative. This first edition was devoted to oral tradition.
Table ronde « Les oralités du monde par le conte »
Table ronde « Les oralités du monde par le conte » © Sonia Leconte / Inalco‎
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A rich and varied program was put together thanks to close cooperation between the events and cultural action department and Ursula Baumgardt, professor of orality at Inalco - PLIDAM, scientific referent for the event. Various facets of the discipline of orality were addressed over the two days.

Several round tables and exchanges between established specialists, doctoral students and artists :
- data collection, recording and editing as results of field research;
- the study of music through ethnomusicology;
- discussions on the challenges of intangible cultural heritage and orality in teaching and research;
- presentation of a collection of bilingual proverbs according to the requirements of scientific publishing, giving access to the satirical and playful dimension of this widespread genre of oral literature.

The numerous stands provided an opportunity for exchanges between associations, specialist publishing houses and the public.

The Inalco choir performed two songs in indigenous languages for the occasion: Valicha (Quechua) and Chokani (Nahuatl)

A high-quality cultural program complemented the scientific component:
- The concert by Ruşan Filiztek, a Kurdish artist, accompanied on the saz (a traditional Turkish musical instrument)
- The evening "Oral storytelling through the languages of world oralities" brought together four storytellers from four different languages, storytelling in their respective languages
- The screening of Liivo Niglas' documentary "Sauver une langue"

RFI devoted a program by Pascal Paradou, "De vive(s) voix", to this event, intangible cultural heritage (ICP) and the dissemination of oral texts through publishing. Listen here: https://rfi.my/9zSt

This first edition will be followed in 2024 by an event on another of the many components of ICH.