Mon Master, the national platform for applying to 1st year Master's courses

15 January 2024


The "Mon Master" online platform provides access to and applications for the full range of master's courses offered by accredited higher education establishments. More than 3,500 courses and 8,000 master's programs are listed. The platform will be open from Monday January 29, 2024, and applications will be accepted from Monday February 26, 2024.
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Inalco offers 9 master's degrees: Foreign and Regional Languages, Literatures and Civilizations (LLCER); Languages and Societies (LS); Language Sciences (SDL), Didactics of Languages (DDL); Automatic Language Processing (TAL); International Relations (RI); Management and International Trade; Translation and Interpreting (TI); Teaching, Education and Training Professions (MEEF).

Find all Inalco's master's training offer on the new national platform Mon Master.

A single platform for information, selection and application

The platform facilitates access to entry into 1st year master's courses by centralizing, in a detailed manner, all national Master 1-level training provision.

The Objectif Master workshops are organized by Inalco's REVE department to help you conceive and write your project, developyour application file and accompany you through the various stages up to registration, to maximize your chances of admission.

Getting informed

From January 29, 2024, applicants will be able to access the information sheets provided by each institution, on which they will find:

  • acceptance capacities (total number of students the institution accepts for a master's degree)
  • teaching methods (initial or continuing training, distance learning, sandwich courses...)
  • detailed descriptions of the courses on offer (teaching, knowledge control methods, career opportunities...)
  • recruitment procedures (application, exam, competitive examination) recommended bachelor's degrees
  • knowledge and skills expected of applicants
  • general criteria for examining applications, access rates, etc.


Applicants are able to submit a maximum of 30 applications, including 15 for conventional courses (under student status) and 15 for sandwich courses.

Note:applications are counted by master's mention within a given institution. Applying for several courses offered by the same master's degree, at the same institution, counts as a single application.


The application phase will run from February 26 to March 24, 2024.
The Mon Master platform enables applicants, using a single file, to submit application files and consult and respond to admission proposals received by the chosen institutions.

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Who is it for?

The new Mon Master platform is for:

  • students who already hold, or are enrolled in the 3rd year of, a national bachelor's degree or hold another diploma allowing access to the master's course whether they are French or nationals of the European Economic Area, Andorra, Switzerland or Monaco.
  • to candidates of another nationality residing in France and to candidates of another nationality residing in a European Economic Area country (Andorra, Switzerland and Monaco).
  • applicants returning to study who meet the eligibility criteria

Note: some students do not have to apply via the Mon Master platform

  • students covered by the "Études en France" scheme. Depending on the course, they must apply via the "Études en France" platform or directly with the institution;
  • students authorized to repeat their first year of a Master's degree;
  • students whose course of study automatically provides for admission to the first year of a Master's degree, and who do not need to form an application (e.g. students following an integrated Bachelor's and Master's degree course who wish to continue within this course).

Which institutions are concerned?

The establishments concerned are, on the one hand, establishments authorized by the State to award the national master's degree and, on the other, private higher education establishments of general interest (EESPIG) under agreement with EPSCP (public scientific, cultural and professional establishments).

Note:training courses delivered exclusively to a continuing education public and training courses with an international vocation are not concerned.

Procedure timetable

Main phase

  • January 29, 2024: opening of the platform for students to consult the full range of courses offered by institutions
  • From February 26 to March 24: submission of applications on the Mon Master platform, according to a national timetable common to all establishments
  • April 2 to May 28: examination of applications by establishments
  • June 4 to 24: transmission of admission proposals to candidates and candidate response
  • Until September 30: candidates who have accepted a proposal can register administratively with the establishment

Complementary phase

  • From June 25 to 30: application phase
  • July 1 to 12: review of applications
  • July 15 to 31: admission phase

For more information, see the FAQ below!

Useful documents

Mon Master - Calendrier 2024 (33.63 KB, .pdf)

Bien choisir son master dans les universités d'Île-de-France - orientation et conseils pratiques (diaporama de la réunion d'information du 28 mars 2023) (1.99 MB, .pdf)